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Namaste! Hope all of you had a fantastic Christmas (whoever celebrates it) and others had a beautiful weekend. Now next week is the birth of young, fresh New Year, full of promises and hopes. Why don't we discuss today how to use the energy of this New chapter to get rid of the old baggage like old emotions, old regrets and old frustrations from our life. ( This post is also very much a reminder to myself as well to do the same for me. I am also in the same boat struggling to leave many regrets and frustrations behind and welcome fresh energy into my life. So this post is for all of us :-)).

Life as a boat: Each of us has taken a physical existence and many times we live our life without a true awareness. It is always better to take an example to elaborate a point. So let us think of our this life as a boat (say a medium sized one with an engine, a rudder, and a sail) on the sea of the material realm. Many times in our life we just sit simply in the boat (means our life) doing nothing or not taking actions with intentions.

Assume, if we are not going to do anything with our boat what is going to happen? A big wave comes the boat is thrown up into the air, smash into the wave, topple upside down or crash into a rock or boulder sticking out of the sea. Also remember there are other boats (other souls, ;-)) in the same ocean. Many of them may be driving their boat with intention or awareness and the waves created by their boats can veer our boat off-course and our boat end up drifting through the ocean of life without any direction, any intent or any course. Is that a good way to drive our boat of life? Also, we already have come so far off-course from our path, is it good to sit and regret about the actions we should have taken before itself to guide our boat with intent or is it better to put out intentions and start taking actions to bring our boat very much back into our path of life?

Boats in the ocean of life
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Many times as humans what do we do? We go back into our memory, scan through the whole set of snaps and incidents, get hold of the things that irritate, bother and frustrate us and keep on trying to change that status quo. But then remember that particular thought is there in our memory as a thought but is it really there in our reality? No! the reality may be entirely different. But we go on and chew on that thought and give much power and energy to it, sooner than enough an exactly same scenario appears in our physical life.

We have discussed this concept before in the post, 'Aham Brahma Asmi', where we analyzed on how our thoughts are the single most important tool we have to bring a change into our life and our attitude. There is a saying in Sanskrit, 'Yatha Drishti Tatha Srushti!'. Yatha - where, Drishti - focus, Tatha - There, Srushti - Creation (I think it comes in Mandukya Upanishad, would be great if anyone can enlighten); so wherever our focus is, there goes our creation. So if we concentrate on things that did not work in our life or that gave us disappointments, that start to take importance in our life and circumstances similar to previous disappointments starts to show up in our life.

So what should we do? Instead of going and reliving the same circumstances again and again in our head, we need to focus and remove things that did not work in our lives; this can be circumstances that drain our energy, people that always try to pull us down and things that do not add value to our life. All these are made up of low vibrational energy. If we keep holding on to things that bring us low vibrational energy, how can our life be filled with the high vibration of love, compassion, and empathy? (Have read in many places, the emotions of fear, anger, guilt, shame etc are made up of very low vibration and emotions such as love, compassion, and concern for others are made up of very high vibrations. Hence the divine is depicted as filled with universal love and the highest vibration of all). Now we can ask, what does this low and high vibrational energy is all about?

Humans as energy:  As we all know we humans even though look solid, underneath all our organs we are made up of cells that when even more at an electron-microscopic level are made up of atoms that consist of electrons, protons, and neutrons (No, let us not go to the nano-level, this itself is good enough to elaborate our concept). Each thought that occurs in our mind also is made up of pure energy that can either bring our energy level up or down. This can again affect our energy level as well as our actions. So in this New Year, what should be our thoughts to have great energy to take great actions for our life? We should discard all the thought patterns that bring us down and all the circumstances that do not work in our life. If we keep on concentrating on that, that will be the energy that we will be creating and recreating again and again in our life.

Remember the boat that we described in our previous paragraphs? If we are not concentrating on what we are creating for our life, our life will be like the boat that gets knocked around on the waves without knowing what is the course or how to get to our potential true destiny. So what should be the actions we need to take as a boat? Look at the boat, see where it is going? Go to the engine room and take hold of the steering wheel. Now let us start steering the boat with our full intention and focus and at least try our level best to chart out the best course possible for our life.

But while charting our course there is no guarantee what is the next wave or circumstance that show up in our life. We have no control over that, but we can decide how to control our sail or how to control our boat so that we are not crashing on the next wave or the next rock that shows up in our life. Also, we can steer our boat with intention in such a way that we give way to other boats (or other souls that are steering their boats) and allow them to take the best actions for their life while having consideration for the other fellow souls involved in their physical existence.

In other words, we need to monitor our thoughts and start selecting the thoughts that bring us up in our lives and the thoughts that are worth putting actions to bring up our value in life. But many times we don't do that and instead, we put our life into an autopilot mode and keep on trying to balance our boat every time a huge wave or a situation shows up in our life. Now because we are in the autopilot mode, we are not prepared to deal with the situation, so we just react and become upset and frustrated and not able to control the situation. Now, this low energy of frustration and regrets bring our energy down and we again end up in the cycle where we are not able to take the best actions for our life.

So in this New Year, let us take the resolution to come out of our autopilot mode, look at our life with critical/fresh eyes and see the areas that are not working for us. Once we figure out that, change the thought patterns we are getting stuck in and put in the actions to make a change to that area. The actions we are taking should be with focus and intention, keeping in mind our true talents and passions and take the effort to convert our passions and talents into creations of ingenuity and originality. How can we find our true talents and passion? The things that we can do effortlessly and that which we enjoy doing and when our work becomes our love, that gives us the clue to our true talents and passion. (Example, with me, reading, thinking and inspirational writing, which is very effortless gives me utmost joy and I forget myself doing it ;-)).

Now once we start living our lives with purpose and intention, we solidly become drivers of our own boat and this gives accountability to our life. Then we start choosing selectively only the thoughts and actions that work for our lives and in turn, this brings the outcomes we want for our life. Now to another example. Think, to even select a vegetable like a tomato or a potato we go to the grocery store or farmer's market and choose the best tomato or potato we can get. So if we are putting this much effort to even choose a potato or a tomato, think how much effort and action we ought to take to welcome the life purpose and life-path into our life? Instead, we, do autopilot. Once we start getting the outcomes we need for our life, our mental attitude improves, we become happier and in turn, we start to get into higher vibrations of love, care, concern, first for ourselves and then for others. (Only if we are happy, we can make others happy, Period!!).

New energy: We can always see new energy around us. Think about the seasons. If we are taking the Winter, the trees welcome the Winter by dropping all their leaves, so that energy in the form of heat is not lost through the leaves. If we think of Spring, the trees and vegetation according to the energy of the climate grow leaves and start flowering. The trees or the vegetation does not try to change the energy of the season. Instead, they use themselves and their actions according to the climate they are in. If a tree tries to grow new leaves and flowers in Winter, it will die. The same way if a tree tries to stay leafless during Spring it is wasting the new environment and climate it is being provided.

Image courtesy - Pexels.com
Then we can ask in the middle of winter in January (This scenario is for the Northern Hemisphere ;-)), how can we bring in new energy into our life? Yes, for trees as well as us it is winter. But for us humans as a race, we all know that it is a new year that is being born. So as a group consciousness or in another way as a 'Collective Conscious' we all are aware that on January 1, every year a New Year begins. That in energy perspective is huge. That is like the fresh energy seed in every adult/child mind that is waiting to be captured and brought into our physical reality.

So why not bring in that fresh energy into our life as thoughts, perspectives, ideas and using that as a foundation, make the energy get manifested in our physical reality. But for that to get manifested in our life we need to drop our baggage of previous regrets, frustrations, and irritations. But that is not that easy, isn't it? (True for me too). But have read in many philosophical essays that each of us is carrying that unnecessary burden in our hearts, minds, and thoughts. Actually dropping that by the wayside will make our life much lighter and it will become much easier to climb to higher energies/higher consciousness without the baggage that weighs each one of us down.

So this New Year let each one of us take a resolution to drop that heavy emotional baggage and start living a lighter and purposeful life with intention and focused thought. As previously mentioned we even select our apples and oranges to get good ones. So is it not very much needed to select good thoughts followed by actions for ourselves and lead a very purposeful and intentional life?

Let us finish with the famous quote from Vivekananda.


Meaning: Wake up! Become aware! Don't stop until you achieve your goals! 

Wishing everyone a 'Very Happy New Year' (2018) and May each of us gets to do our heart's desire every day of our life!!

I wish you a good weekend and I'll see you next Friday! 😉

Next week: Saturn/Shani - Astrologically speaking!

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Ralph Waldo Emerson writes, "There is a time in every man's education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance ; that imitation is suicide; that he must take himself for better for worse as his portion that though the wide universe is full of good, no kernel of nourishing corn can come to him but through his toil bestowed on that plot of ground which is given to him to till. The power which resides in him is new in nature, and none but he knows what that is which he can do, nor does he know until he has tried".  

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