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Ravana: The shadow side!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a great week pursuing what you wanted to show up in your life. For the last few weeks we were discussing the philosophy and how many of the laws can be applied to our life from a Self-point of view. Pretty heavy stuff. So to make it a bit lighter, instead of just discussing pure philosophy, let us this week discuss, of course again philosophy with a touch of mythology. Stories make any write up more interesting. We have discussed before, how in every human being there are seeds of opposite sides of the same quality. For example, the same person has the seeds of good/evil, knowledge/ignorance, humility/ arrogance, compassion/cruelty or loyalty/treachery. It is up to the person to choose, which seeds to nurture. So the same person has the light side comprising of all the good qualities and the shadow side with all the bad qualities. Every opposite is the other side of the same coin. For a person to be truly 'authentic', they have to

My experiences - My truth!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a great week where you were able to work towards your life purpose with intentions exactly tailored to what you want for your life. Last few weeks we were discussing some of the life's values with a perspective from the blog reader's view. This would be the final post in this series. (As previously mentioned please put yourself the blog reader as the person saying My-My. So each of us reading the post would say My experiences-My truth.) Now before proceeding, I want to ask my dear blog readers, a few questions. Do you find this blog can be of use to make changes to your life? Do you feel that what I put as my perspectives adds value to your life? Also, does the perspectives and insights make any sense to you? I started this blog itself because many times I have come across souls who struggle to make sense of their lives. So thought my insights may be a small help to make some sense out of their life. Your perspectives, comments, and

My courage - My strength!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a great time putting your strength towards the exact things you wanted to show up in your life. Last week we discussed how Abraham Lincoln with his sheer focus was able to capture the highest pedestal for his life. Today we are taking the same example of him and see how he used his courage to pursue what he wanted in his life. When we focus on what we want in our life it grows in our life. If we focus on what we don't want for our life, that also grow in our life. (As noted in my previous post , please put yourself, the blog reader at the ' My' position in the title and read the Blog from that perspective. So each blog reader again is saying, "My courage, my strength").  Now we have discussed life and living so many times. Today let us concentrate on how we are supposed to live? But, many times how we are actually living? In the Sanskrit language a difference is said as 'Ajagajantharah' (अजगजान्तरः) Aja=goat, Ga

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