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A dance of Astrology, Mythology, Philosophy and Spirituality!

Today and tomorrow (Thursday and Friday- November 18 and 19) is Karthikai Deepam where lamps are lighted in Hindu homes to ward off the ignorance of the mind to bring in the knowledge and wisdom of the heart. This festival is famous as Thiruvannamalai Deepam of the God Shiva, Arunachaleswarar in Tamilnadu. At this moment, let us all pray to God Shiva and his consort Parvathi - Arunachaleswarar and Apitakuchambal to remove the darkness and ignorance from our minds and bring in the light of spiritual knowledge and wisdom of the heart. Happy Karthigai, all!!🙏🙏 Happy Karthigai Deepam! Image credits - Photo by Sash Sriganesh on Unsplash Next week, (Nov 21-27, 2021) in the USA is the Thanksgiving weekend. I would be taking a week off to spend time with my own family and friends. I also at this time would like to wish all my blog readers an amazing weekend of Thanksgiving. May this week find us and our mind in deep gratitude and Thankfulness for the life, breath, spirit, Soul

Dharma - Something greater than ourselves!

Hello all,   Namaste! Hope all of you are doing well and vibrant. First of all, I want to Thank the Veterans who went and fought for their country the USA in many wars. Thank you! 🙏🌻🌻. Yesterday was the Veterans Day in the US. I wished everyone on Navaratri. Ten days back, the week started with Halloween and ended with Diwali. One celebrated in the US as homage to ancestors and the other celebrated to remove the darkness of ignorance and bring light into everyone's hearts. Both celebrations are now in the past. The next one knocking at the door is Thanksgiving, to show gratitude to the native Americans from whose land the country called USA was born. Let us look at all these celebrations. Can we see an underlying theme or pattern? In all the three festivals we are celebrating and respecting something outside or greater than ourselves, whether it is the Universal energy as Diwali, the ancestors as the Halloween or the other group who gave the early explorers a warm welcome to t

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