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Horoscope - A clue to our destiny!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a fantastic workweek and are looking forward to a relaxing weekend, where all are able to do things that bring joy and happiness to mind. Today, before proceeding with our post, let us just recapture the essence of this Blog. This blog as well as whatever we share in these posts are all about finding our own 'Swaroopa' or authentic Self , whether it is Philosophy, Mythology, Psychology, Vedic Wisdom, Vedic Astrology , Spirituality or even Metaphysics. Every single thing and even the physical life or the physical existence we take in this material realm leads to the one and only truth, that we need to have the realization of our true Self.  Once we know ourselves thoroughly we can stand in that power and along with the help of the Universal wisdom co-create our destiny or life-purpose. Let us take an example, think of a drop of water in an Ocean.When we look at that drop, it is just a drop of water. But when we add the same drop to

SadeSati - Should we be terrorized by it? - Part 2

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a good weekend and read the first part of this post and had some time to deliberate about it. Today let us tackle the last part of SadeSati. Last week we discussed how the SadeSati or Saturn comes and starts disrupting our subconscious structures in the first 2.5 years and how in the second 2.5 years it comes to get rid of the physical structures that do not work with our life anymore. The second 2.5 years many times make us get into a physical and mental survival mode, by the time the 5 years rolls by we are made humble to our core and it makes us realize that many times there are higher forces at play, which we cannot control. Remember, we discussed in the post on Vedic Astrology , we cannot control the circumstances, but we can only adjust the sail of our boat in this ocean called life. So we can be either be afraid of SadeSati and be frozen to the spot without taking any actions or tackle it with focus and intentions. Whether we like

SadeSati - Should we be terrorized by it? - Part1

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a great weekend and had a fun time being with family and friends. Last week's post 'Saturn/Shani - Astrologically speaking', was a bird's eye view into the astrological realm of Saturn. That post was a curtain raiser for this post, which is another area that comes very much under Saturn or Shani . To really understand this post we really needed to dissect the qualities and the intentions of Shani as an energy in our life. The previous post was an attempt to clarify the aspect of honesty, being authentic and really taking care of one's Karma ( work in the form of career, duty towards ourselves, family and friends) in this physical realm, w hich very much comes under the domain of Shani.  Shaniswara Raja Ravi Varma [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons, Sade Sati caption by Swaroopa Today we will discuss SadeSati. Now, what is this SadeSati (साढ़े साथी )? All of us now know that there is a Graha called Saturn and th

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