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Maya in the modern age!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a great week where you were able to bring the ego under control to allow your mind to exactly work for the things you want in your life. As we have discussed many many times before, a mind that is balanced, controlled and focused is a true asset for our own life. Treasure chest: Many times we find our self-worth in the outside things, whether it is our family, kids, home, land, car, or all the material things we possess. Yes, all of these add value to our life. But is it just that? As a being don't we have an innate value? I would discuss it in my next post. Among that innate value comes our mind, that many times is not balanced, controlled and focused. Every one of us is on our journey. There is no judgment here. But a person who has come through some really difficult struggles in their own lives and found themselves on the other side also always wants to show the amazing gift everyone brings with them. (Of course, this is not about

The Peacock -The ego!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a great week where you were able to capture your inner Swaminatha ,  the mind of a true leader deeply connected with the heart or the Soul. When the mind and heart start to work in tandem, many times we start to see doors opening where there was not even a window in the first place. This is the path of the inner trust and all of us are supposed to be our own 'pathfinders'.  Karthikeya and Swaminatha:   Last two weeks we discussed how Mythology is loaded with symbolism and how we can relate things to our everyday life through deep, insightful contemplation. Before we have discussed the flower Lotus as well as the meaning of a lamp . Today why don't we discuss the peacock. This interpretation is through my inklings from Hindu mythology. But the underlying concepts can be used by anyone. As I was born and brought up as a Hindu, I feel comfortable sharing principles and concepts from that platform, that is all. Also, if I remove Hin

Swaminatha - the real meaning!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a fantastic week where you captured your own Karthikeya (The inner leader), for your own life. I am happy to say my fingers have almost healed with a little bit more to heal. I am totally Thankful, the fingers didn't come off, otherwise, I would have had to rethink my blogging strategies. Anyway, every energy or experience comes into our life to teach or make us aware of some lessons. Maybe I needed to give some rest to my fingers from my constant typing of Quora answers. It would definitely have served a purpose. Dakshinamoorthy: Last week, we discussed Karthikeya -our inner leader. The same Karthikeya has another name in Hindu mythology, Swaminatha. Let us discuss the real meaning underneath this name. In Hindu stories the God of death and dissolution, Shiva has another role to play as well. He is also considered the Aadiguru (The first teacher) in another form called Dakshinamoorthy . He is considered as the teacher who sits under

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