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Ardra nakshatra - The inconsolable human!

In this new year to help people, I am putting a sale on my readings. I have reduced the prices drastically 70-80%. Hope people take advantage of this price reduction.  As life was interfering, I was not able to write for the last three weeks. Also, the personal readings on my store are catching up slowly. That also keeps me away from writing. But I decided this week, I need to write and post a blog. As per the amazing response and comments I got for Moola, a Kethu ruled nakshatra, this time I thought I would tackle Ardra or Thiruvathira(i) in Malayalam/ Tamil, a Rahu ruled nakshatra. And today of all the days, the nakshatra under which I am writing this blog post is exactly Thiruvathirai or Ardra in the lagna of the current place chart where I am. Lagna is the physical form taking shape of the Ardra blog. Numerology: We have discussed Rahu many times. According to my perspective, Rahu is the grand illusion of the material world or Maya. Every human and even celestial beings get ti

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