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Shiva or Rudra -The divine masculine!

Hello all, Just a small request before I start. Unfortunately, I think somehow my previous subscription list was lost. So I have no idea if subscribers are getting their weekly emails. I have now moved to a different subscription service. Hopefully, now this service will work fine. It may be a good idea to click the subscribe button again once more. It is always the technical glitches, which one have to figure out somehow. Thank you. Namaste! Hope all of you are doing well and looking forward to holidays as part of Thanksgiving (U.SA.), Christmas and New year (the World). Many of you may be shopping, making plans and having resolutions for the new year. Wishing all of you success in all your holiday plans as well as your new year resolutions.   In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to Thank all my blog readers, my heartfelt Thanks for your support, comments, and encouragements. Knowing that there are people who are interested in reading my blog through that sharing my thoughts,

Mahalakshmi - An interpretation!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you are doing well and had a great weekend. Today let us analyze another Goddess (I am a huge advocate of the Goddesses and feel in this material world, the divine feminine has not been given as much credit as the divine masculine. Hope she gets her recognition and be an equally awesome archetype as the divine masculine :-) ) Mahalakshmi and what is the wisdom she asks us to bring to our life. We have discussed Mahalakshmi before in a few posts as part of another write-ups. But let us dedicate this post fully to her and ask her to guide us to reach the best goal we can attain in our life. Remember the previous sentence, it will become clear later. Mythology: Before analyzing anything let us recapitulate again how Mahalakshmi first appears in Mythology. Remember the post on 'Samudra Mathanam' where the churning of the milky ocean is happening? We also discussed previously the metaphorical meaning of the churning of the milky ocean, it is th

Ardhanariswara - An analysis!

We had a heavy dose of Metaphysics and Philosophy in our last post. Yes! I also had a bit of a tough time how to put my thoughts into words in such a way that my awesome blog readers could understand. Many times it is not enough to know the knowledge, but it is also very much needed to be able to explain concepts in a simple way so that another person is able to grasp what one is trying to say. Anyway, today let us concentrate on another God. But as all of us know by now, the Gods are made for us to live fruitful and productive lives and we are not made for the Gods as many people tend to think. Another fact is Gods have everything with them, they don't need us to give them anything as they are already enlightened and Self- realized. But they have been made for us to know truly ourselves by way of imbibing the energies they represent and putting it to work for us in our lives. Okay, that said let us come to the God we are discussing today. He/She is called 'Ardhanariswara

Aham Brahma Asmi!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you are doing well. Two weeks back we discussed what 'Tat Twam Asi' means. This was from the perspective of the god 'Ayyappa' saying to us about realizing our true Self. How many times we forget in the chaos of the materialistic world that we are actually a small but significant part of the eternal whole. Today let us try to analyze the same concept from our perspective. Before proceeding any further, I want to warn you that this particular post has a very high dose of Metaphysics and Philosophy, so be ready for it. :) Remember the post on the sacred chakras where we were discussing the energy centers. Concentrate on one particular energy center again called Manipura , which we discussed in the post on Lotus as well. What did we discuss? Let us recollect, that in Hindu mythology the God who has the job as the creator is called Brahma. He is depicted as sitting on the lotus coming out of the navel of Vishnu (another God of preserv

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