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Karma - The cause and effect!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a great week where you were able to bring in exactly what you wished for your life. Last week we discussed the lonely being who is not in touch with their own emotions and who by virtue of it is not able to connect with others as well. Literally and totally alone! Hope all are able to make a beautiful life for themselves in this physical world. Today, let us concentrate on another concept called, 'Karma'. It has become trendy or 'cool' to use the word Karma and to put all the blame of whatever happens in our own life on Karma."Things are out of my hand. I cannot do anything about it. It is my Karma from my past life, previous times, which I cannot change at all. Totally sad, But what to do. That is how things are." Even if we haven't said it loudly we would have at least thought like that some time or other. Have I? Of course. I too am human. This was my thought process some 6-7 years back when nothing worked

The lonely being!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope this week, all of you were able to take the key called ' will power ' and unlock the treasures of your own mind for capturing the highest peak of your own life. We have discussed a lot about how our mind can become our biggest friend as well as our worst enemy if we are not careful. Today let us discuss another aspect that is becoming worldwide nowadays. This is a side effect of the modern world. It is slowly creeping up everywhere without our knowledge. Loneliness! Some six months back two features on the paper Washington Post caught my attention. One was about Japan and the other was about Europe. In Japan, people have dedicated their lives to work culture. The career life is so busy many times people have not to time to marry and have a family. It seems after work life people in the middle or late middle age are finding themselves alone living in an apartment. Many times if somebody dies even the neighbors are not becoming aware of their death

Spirituality as per Dharma!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a fantastic week where you were able to use the key to unlock the amazing treasures your own mind is ready to bestow upon you. Last week we discussed the key, our own will power in detail. It was discussed many times before in this blog, as a ' Collective unconscious ', we human race has an enormous amount of pain, suffering, and desperation we have gone through. Every single experience as an ancestor gets recorded in the DNA. Then that DNA is passed generation after generation through the families. That is why many times patterns good as well as bad keeps on happening in every generation. Subconscious conditioning: So, to come out of this deep DNA level ancestral conditioning and stand on our own will, desires and talents, it takes enormous mental power and prowess. The ancestral conditioning is like an unknown enemy whom we have to fight. But here the caveat is while rejecting the bad patterns we need to accept the good ones for

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