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Moola Nakshatra - A Curse or a blessing?

As mentioned last week let us discuss the characteristic of the nakshatra, Moola and whether it needs to be feared as many in the society do. Before that, two weeks back we discussed what are Nakshatras and why they are calculated according to the placement of the Moon in the horoscope. In the Nakshatra group, when starting from Ashwini nakshatra, Moola comes as the nineteenth nakshatra. Now, why am I writing this post? What is so special about Moola Nakshatra? This post is an afterthought to the fact that in South India in some communities, there are two proverbs prevalent about the Moola Nakshatra. One is, "Aan Moolam arasalum, Pen Moolam Nirmoolam." Meaning- If a man is born in the Moola Nakshatra, he would rule the kingdom. If a woman is born in the Moola Nakshatra, she would uproot her base or home (in other words, she would destroy her home). The second proverb is "Moolathu mamiyar moolayile." Meaning- The mother-in-law of the Moola nakshatra becomes a

My Kerala - 'God's own country!'

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a great weekend where you were able to lead your life as the wise Hanuman , listening to your inner self and taking great strides towards your purpose in life. This week I was planning to write about Moola nakshatra (Moola star) and some social misconceptions associated with it. Then the deluge happened in Kerala, the state I am from India. When such a terrible thing is happening/has happened in my state of birth, it doesn't make sense to write about some very unrelated topic. So, I thought today I would write about my beautiful green, verdant state that is lying in tatters due to the huge flood it had to go through. Also, on Friday/Saturday this week is the state's festival Onam. which has been canceled everywhere in the state due to the condition of the state under flood. So, what another topic can I write about? I'll take a stab at writing about Moola nakshatra next week. Kerala: Now, back to Kerala . Kerala comes at the s

Hanuman - The light side!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a great week where you were able to concentrate your mind and thereby your focus onto things that you exactly want for your life. Last week we discussed how the mind is the true power that helps us to bring things we need for our life. Before that, we discussed the shadow side using Ravana as an example. We have discussed before that every one of us has our light and the shadow side. If the shadow side is not taken into account and acknowledged it can take over us as well as our light side. So today why don't we discuss our light side, that is the side that we have to embrace to capture the whole of ourselves?  So, what is the light side? That is the side that is complementary to the shadow side but should be the dominant one compared to the shadow side. All of us live in societies. Think about the shadow side coming out in each one of us. Shadow side is the Asura (demonic) side that has all the lower emotions like anger, jealousy, en

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Moola Nakshatra - A Curse or a blessing?

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