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Truth! The Whole Truth!

We as humanity are finding again at yet another year end, a time to think on all that we set forth or achieved in the last twelve months. A time of self-reflection and contemplation. As a group we are at the end of two years of very tough days of a pandemic. In truth, hasn't the pandemic forced us to concentrate on what is truly important in and for our life? I can see family and friends who are looking at their own life and dropping all the extraneous frills and tassels they have been carrying. Before proceeding any further, I want to wish all Happy holidays and a Merry Christmas! 🎅🎄 Most probably I won't be able to put another post this year. So, wishing every one a very happy and fantastic New year! Happy 2022! 🎈🎊 Wishing all holidays of joy, health and abundance!Image credits -

Spirituality - the question of free will and personal choice!

This week let us take a stab at the topic of spiritual Hinduism. It has been trying to escape me and giving a chase for the last few weeks. This week, I am keeping it in the very middle of my bull's eye of intuition. Before that first, spirituality. We tried to elaborate on true spirituality last week. According to my dictionary, spirituality is to live according to the guidance and way of the spirit or our own higher selves. Further, nowadays I differentiate between the spirit and Soul. For example, I or you have this essence that gives us life. Without this essence we would find ourselves in a casket or underneath the ground. This we call as the spirit or life.

True spiritual practice!

I was planning to write a post on 'spiritual Hinduism' for around two to three months now. But every time a newer idea or concept would pop up in my head and I would push this post to the next week. Hopefully today it is the turn for the post of Spiritual Hinduism, I guess. If the title is different, we can be sure the flow of ideas took a different direction. The fact is every time I sit to write a blog, I keep my logical mind aside and become a vessel or pure channel for my subconscious mind, spiritual team and the Divine as aspects to come through. 

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