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The third eye-The Vision!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a great week, where you were able to pursue your Dharma without even a care or eye on what another is doing. As we have the right to pursue our purpose, so does another Soul. The way we humans interfere in another's life, if we had used that energy towards our own life, we would have achieved so much in life. Whether we concentrate on another or ourselves we have only so much of energy to expend. Think like this. We have an energy bank and energy is the currency to live our life. We get a particular amount of energy in the bank every day morning after a good sleep. By evening we have to spend that energy before we get a good night of sleep. When someone according to their body and nature has 1000 units of energy, another may have only 500. Whatever it is, we are given only so much. It becomes our choice whether to use it on ourselves or for others. By concentrating on others, we are indeed spending the energy we can use towards our life

The energy of Plagiarism!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a great week where you were able to find your own inner treasure of wisdom within, without taking an iota out of another's cup. Last week we discussed the different forms of stealing that can occur. This informational robbery is called plagiarism. People do it as hacks, scams, identity theft and plain robbery of ideas, thoughts and perceptions. Many times people are not even aware of their actions. Above this scenario, people have become distracted with the technical toys like computers, mobile phones, tablets, social media, news and informational deluge. We may have not realized it yet. But humanity is getting drowned in information. When we get drowned something, we lose the capability to realize what is important and what is not. Like a fish who doesn't realize it is inside the water. It is totally overtaken by it. Let us step back a bit and see this scenario from another perspective. We take birth. We die. In between we get a f

Stealing-The many different forms!

Hello all, Before proceeding a humble request, if you are able to, please donate a few dollars towards the website Wikipedia. Just yesterday, I donated $20, my way of showing appreciation towards the site. For this blog I do use Wikipedia as well as Wikimedia Commons . The research I do many times using Wikipedia and the beautiful mythological pictures, I use from the site Wikimedia Commons . The organization provides objective, factual information without bias, opinion or aggrandizements. Such information is very crucial for a blog as this and for the knowledge of normal everyday being. So, please consider donating a small amount. I am not a spokesperson for the Wikimedia foundation and I don't receive any money towards it as well. Just a genuine request for a great organization to thrive, that is all. Now, to the post. Namaste! Hope all of you had a great week, where you were able to find your greater purpose towards your life as well as the Goddess Earth we live in. Thi

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