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Divine feminine - Where are you?

Hope all of you are having a great week where you are able to take actions that help you to get one step closer to your destiny. This week instead of going into Mythology, why don't we again come back to the topic of Divine Feminine? She is an archetype. What are meant by archetypes ? As discussed before each of us are a mishmash of archetypes or the historical and mythological stories we tell ourselves as a human race. Many times these archetypes are not visible, but deeply embedded in the human psyche or the human subconscious. Two of the major archetypes are the 'Divine masculine' and the 'Divine feminine' . Divine masculine is the leadership, ambition and the go-getter attitude every human being has, as part of their personality and the divine feminine is the compassionate, nurturer who is embedded in every human being. We can also name these archetypes as the 'Sacred masculine' and the 'Sacred feminine'. In a Self-realized or an enlighten

Chemical attack - Where is the Ethics or Dharma?

Hello all, Before proceeding with this post, I just want to mention that every single soul taken birth in this physical realm is judged by Spiritual laws, what we can and should not do. I have given Bashar Al-Assad as an example for actions we absolutely should not take. Every single one of us can put ourselves in that position and think and take the most virtuous action necessary. Now to the post. Namaste! Last week we delved into the matter of chemical attack from a perspective of Mythology with Ashwathama as the model for Bashar Al-Assad. This week let us tear apart the same chemical attack from the perspective of Ethics or Dharma. What is Ethics? According to Wikipedia, Ethics or moral philosophy is a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct. So it is a moral issue where a particular activity from a perspective of morality is defined as whether right or wrong. Now, what is Dharma? According to Wikipe

Ashwathama - A lesson to be learned!

Before starting this post, I want to reminisce a bit on our Blog journey. Last year in 2017, it was on Kerala (a state in India) New Year Day called Vishu, I published my first post. This year Saturday (April 14, 2018) is Vishu. So it has been one year since I started my writings. At this moment, I would like to Thank all,  for the encouragement I got from my immediate family, extended family, friends, blog readers and the greater world. It is your comments. views and encouragement that helps me to post every week topics that I assume to be important. I would also very much like to interact with my readers as well. If you feel any Moral, Ethical, Mythological, Philosophical, Astrological topic worth pondering on, please let me know through comments and I would try a stab at it. Thank you for a wonderful and inspirational year. Wishing all a very Happy Vishu! Namaste! Now to the post. Last week, we discussed a bit on the spiritual law of justice through the post of Kannagi , how du

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