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How should Radha be?

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a great week where you were able to bring together your mind and Soul as Radha and Krishna, truly united to become one energy. Last week we discussed Radha, the mind that is truly in tandem with the Soul aligned to do the Dharma. Many times in our harried every day living we never reach this alignment. Our Soul remains a silent observer as our mind is bogged down with million activities that pull our focus to thousand different directions. In a previous post we had discussed a concept. In that we discussed that when we are born the mind has no connection with the Soul. Many times mind interferes on its own activities. Let us take an example. Think of a feedback loop. The energy of the mind acts on itself to make it more aggressive to do more of the mental activities. A loop where thoughts of the mind feeds more thoughts of the mind. This loop never stops. The only time such a mind takes a break is during the sleep. Above this factor, the mi

Who is Radha?

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a great week and were able to contemplate on how the Universal intellgence or Brahman can greatly guide us. But it is not enough for us to have the five senses and the normal mind. For the Brahman to interact with us, we need to have an awareness that is as wide as the Universe itself, an intellect as sharp as a sword and a mind that is as focused as a laser.  So, without doing our own inner work, we can't access the greatest Guru or teacher there is. Yes, there are innumerable leaders and teachers all over the world, but this is the teacher even the sages, seers, hermits and mystics seek to clarify their innermost questions on life. But does Brahman differentiate between an ordinary Soul and a highly evolved Soul? No. Then why can't we access the guidance the Brahman is ready to give? Brahman - The mysterious teacher if we care to listen! Image credits - This is purely a communication problem. Let us take an example


Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a great week where you were able to contemplate on the ' unwritten law ' we discussed last week. A Soul who cannot see the 'dance of Shiva and Shakthi, Prakruthi and Purusha or divine masculine as the matter and the divine feminine as the energy' - the duality, which later merges as oneness, how can that Soul capture the highest echelons of the Universal consciousness? This is why a person or human being who sees divisions, 'us and they' everywhere is never able to break away from the same thing they are trying to break away from. Here another important law also kicks into a start. ' Yadha drushti, thadha srushti ' - Where you keep your focus, that increases in your life'. So, as long as a person is trying to bring up one group, putting down another group (look at politics, religion, and pretty much any group), the division always would be pervasive in the dynamics. Increasing something by literally fighti

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