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Kuja (Mars) - The army chief! - Part2

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a good week where you captured your authentic Self by being a leader to your family, friends and the greater community. Last week we discussed how the Graha (astrological planetary energy of Mars) Kuja embodies the energy of the God Karthikeya and how capturing his true energy brings leadership, strategy, vision, and valor to our life. We also discussed a bit of mythology associated with Karthikeya. Today let us look at Kuja through the lens of astrology. What does he teach us through astrology? According to what I presume, every single thing whether it is Philosophy, Mythology, Astrology or even our earthly existence, all lead us towards the fact that we are here to learn about ourselves through experiences, research, knowledge and deep reflection. But many times we get caught in our experiences and are not able to come out of it to capture the true lesson that particular experience is trying to teach us. Once we can get out of that emoti

Kuja (Mars) - The army chief! - Part1

Hello all, Namaste! (Namah (नमः )-bow, Te (ते )-to your soul, or I give respects to your soul). Hope all of you had a wonderful week where you worked a little more towards capturing your true and authentic Self. Last week we discussed how we can capture the realm of true greatness by working on our personal Dharma. How about this week we switch gears and go back to some vedic astrology and mythology? This week let us discuss another Graha (in very loose terms, planetary energy) called Kuja or Mars or Mangala according to Mythology and next week we will discuss more from a vedic astrological perspective. Kuja is known as the soldier among the Grahas, but I would like to put his in the suit of an army chief. If Kuja in a horoscope can capture his true energy he is the army chief in its true sense. The person who comes to mind is General Colin Powell . A person with true Mars energy in its highest form shows the attitude and stature of an army general. But in its lower form, it can

The realm of Greatness!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a fantastic week working towards bringing authenticity, improvement, and prosperity for your life. Last week we discussed the concept of 'Purusharthas' , where using Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha how we can lead a purposeful and authentic life to capture our true personal power. Today let us discuss another concept, where when we start to live a life of authenticity how we can capture another state, which we can call the 'Realm of Greatness'. This concept we will try to understand by taking the example of one very powerful personality. Before that let us all reflect or contemplate on our normal lives. Think about all of us including myself. Many times we take birth, grow up, get a good education, get into a great job, marry or not marry, have a few kids, see them grow and thrive well, get to our old age and then one day just like that we are gone! This is usually how most of us lead our life. We just settle for whatever com

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