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The Goddess Archetype!

Hello all, Namaste! This week I was first planning to write about Mohini and her characteristics and the mythical implications. Then I remembered it is the 'auspicious nine days -Navarathri' for all the people who practice Sanathana Dharma (aka Hinduism) all over the world, which celebrates the Goddesses in this particular Dharma. So why not try to interpret the Goddess aspect and see how we can bring that into our lives with the use of some Mythology? Before starting this post, let us get the blessing of the Goddess as it is considered a very auspicious time.                      Anyadha saranam Nasti                     Twameva sananam mama,                    Tasmath karunya bhavena                    Raksha raksha jagatheeswari. Meaning: There is no one else to help, but only you to help me. By your kind and nectar (grace giving- Karuna) filled eyes please look at me and protect and protect, Oh Goddess of the World! ( So she doesn't even have to give anything

Ketu - The past!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all are doing well, after a heavy dose of the Rahu analysis and interpretation of how to handle his energy. He is the eternal desire architect and it is very difficult to control and tame his energy without the divine grace. Today in this world, we can see many examples of people who are driven by the materialistic desire for wealth, power or fame, not able to find even an iota of contentment. Let us hope for the blissful nectar of the divine grace on all of us. Today let us go into the cut trunk of Rahu and the remaining snake-tail, Ketu. What is his guidance to us? What are the lessons we have to learn from him? How can we use his energy to the uplift our life? (Here, I want to mention that I use Rahu and Ketu as male gender, due to the fact that in Vedic mythology they are depicted as male characters. Energy as such is not male or female, but neutral and whether it becomes the nurturing female energy or the conquering male energy is the way we appl

Rahu - The future!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you were able to read and assimilate the formation of Rahu and Ketu in our previous post. The Asura Swayambharu thus became the head Rahu and the headless body with a snake tail, Ketu. Now Rahu and Ketu are very important in Vedic astrology. Today let us analyze what Rahu represents in our horoscope as well as our life. Can we use his power to move our life forward? What is his guidance to us? Remember how Rahu was formed? When he was in the asura form through deception he tried to get the Amrit from the divine. He realized that Mohini was actually deceiving the asuras by giving the Amrit or the eternal elixir to devas alone. He was quick thinking and went and sat between the Sun and the Moon. Even though he was an asura he was able to partake the Amrit. But later Sun and Moon showed him to the divine. So now let us start the analysis. Rahu By E. A. Rodrigues [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons 1, Deception: Rahu or the uncut asura Swa

Rahu and Ketu - Through the eyes of mythology!

Hello all, Namaste! Why don't we today just go through a mythological story in a fun filled mode? Many of you would have read the story of 'Samudra Mathanam' . Most of you may also know about the second half of 'Samudra Mathanam'. But there may be readers who don't know the second part of the story. This blog post is for them so that every one of us can fully appreciate the essence of Rahu ( north node of the moon) and Ketu ( south node of the moon) when we try to analyze them. Just to be clear, Rahu and Ketu are the shadow Grahas or planets that come in Mythology and Vedic Astrology. Also, it is absolutely imperative to know the whole story if we have to analyze Rahu and Ketu from a mythological and astrological perspective. Without knowing the mythology and the story associated with it, it becomes a dish half cooked. So today let us get into a story narration mode and have fun with it. (Also here again I have to specify, that the mythology and stories nar

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