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The 'Word' wants to be written!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a fantastic week, where you were able to bring in your heart and mind more into alignment so that, the higher version of yourself is slowly coming to the forefront to take charge of your own life and purpose. The higher version is the potential of all that we 'can be' within this body and the physical reality that we are living every day. Last week , I wrote about the number, 3:33 that played into my own life and how slowly the whole Universe itself is guiding me to do this venture. From early 2017 onwards I feel an entourage of spiritual guides are there on the other side guiding me. Now, you may ask, is this guidance only for me? No. Absolutely not. I have my ancestors, masters, and others who guide me. Same way once you,  the reader decides to pursue your own path or Dharma (truest duty), your own guides, Masters, Gods, and others are put into place. As I was saying in a previous post, ' Ancient wisdom ', the Universe or t

Ocean in a drop!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you are finding the best of yourself in everything you did this week. Last week , we discussed awareness, which is needed above smartness. Smartness does take us forward a lot, but above that to lead a life of the highest ideals and values, our awareness needs to be opened. Only then those highest ideals can come to us. Now, another thing. In the realm of the highest ideals, it is not enough to say things. But, we need to only say things that we can practice. Saying things and doing the things say are two very different things. With saying we are just using our mind. As we have discussed before, the mind can float around like a balloon as long as it wants. But saying and later following up with actions is very different. Here the intention to act has already been made. Intentions are made from the heart. The minute intention comes into the picture we have started already mental actions. Total alignment: Actions, that too correct actions, not the

Is it enough to be just smart?

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a great time this week doing exactly what your heart nudged you towards. Last week we discussed how when we become adults, we leave the Universe or the Divine out of the picture and go behind what we ‘think’ as the best option for us. Ask me about it. I have done it for around 25 years of my life. Mind! The very best and the very worst asset we have. As long as it is our master, we ARE its servant. It will ask us to act like monkeys, make us jump through hoops, and bring out the very lacklustre life we can have. We may ‘think’ we are having the best life. Yes, if somehow, we end up doing the exact thing our heart wants without any conscious realization. But, is it a given? No. Many times we live our life with in autopilot mode, we have no idea how to even use our own mind. Let us elaborate with an example. The mind: Say, we got a computer, a brand new one. It has every accessory we can think of. The latest brand, the latest model. We set it

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