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The masks we wear!

In this New Year of 2022, I want to wish all my blog readers a fantastic and wonderful 2022. May our every wish, desire, aspirations and intentions take root, grow to a massive Oak or Banyan tree, bloom and produce every kind of fruit to its fullest potential. Tadasthu! So, it is! 🌹 Happy New Year, all! Image credits - As I had mentioned in my previous post, from this year onwards, I would be publishing once every two weeks, so that I give ample time for my online enterprise and business. That way along with the gift of the word through my blog, I can also help people with my spiritual guidance and mentor-ship. In my personal life, I have guided and helped people for the last fifteen to twenty years. Now, my spiritual team is guiding me to open up my gifts to the public. My shop - Swaroopa is online and running. Newer doors and newer aspirations: We as humanity are in the middle of a pandemic with newer variants, vaccines, regulations, dynamics and newer status quo every

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