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Path of light load!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a great week where you were able to embrace your Divine Feminine side, more closely to bring out your creative side. For the last few weeks, we were discussing the Rakshasas (demons) that hold us tight in their grips like fear , guilt, shame , jealousy , and hatred . There is another emotion-anger, which we would discuss at a later date. Last week we also discussed, the Goddess Saraswathi , who can impart wisdom to open our mind and heart. But before wisdom can come into our consciousness we have to do some house cleaning, so that the tree of wisdom can take root.  Before proceeding with the post, I thought of changing the font color for my Blogs. For a few weeks I have been feeling, the red color may be too intense for the Blog readers and wanted to use a more soothing color. Anyway, this Blog is about capturing our authenticity from a calm, balanced space. So, shouldn't the blog also impart that kind of a vibe or ambiance? I felt thi

Saraswathi -The Goddess of Wisdom!

Hello all, Namaste! Before proceeding with this post, I want to wish all of my dear Blog readers, a very 'Happy Navrathri ', from my heart. May the Goddess give each one of us the wisdom to take the very best decisions for our life, discipline to become the best we can be and integrity to live an authentic, inspired life!!! Hope all of you had a great week where you were able to control the demons gripping the humankind and make another step towards your life goals. Last few weeks we were dissecting some of the lower emotions we come across in our life.This week how about we discuss the quality that helps us to overcome these lower emotions to get to a higher station in our thought process? As an introduction to that let us start with the Goddess, who embodies that very quality, wisdom! Another factor that pushes me to write about her is, every year for ten days and nine nights (Nav- nine, rathri-nights, Navrathri - nine nights), Hindus all over the world celebrate Nav

Hatred - Another monster!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a great week where you were able to take control of your life, focus, and inch closer towards your life path. Last week we discussed jealousy . This week how about we discuss hate, a sibling of jealousy? Jealousy is the emotion which captures someone when they perceive, the other person is having something they don't have. Now, what is hate? Hate is a very deep dislike that is created by emotions. The emotions can be based on jealousy, racial, social, class, caste divide towards others. According to Wikipedia, ' Hatred or hate is a deep and extreme emotion-based dislike, especially invoking feelings of anger or resentment. It can be directed against individuals, groups, entities, objects, behaviors, or ideas. Hatred is often associated with feelings of anger, disgust and a disposition towards hostility.' In today's society, we can see deep elements of hate between ethnic groups, religious groups, class divides, racial divid

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