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The Sacred Chakras - A modern perspective - Part 1

Hello all, Namaste! Last week we discussed how the flower 'Lotus' signifies the sacred chakra on top of the head called 'Sahasrara'. We also had a small discussion on the solar plexus chakra called 'Manipura' . This week why don't we analyze all the chakras from a modern viewpoint. Before that let us dissect, what are these chakras? Can we relate anyway to our modern world and living? The 'Chakras' in Hindu mythology ( not sure whether it is mentioned in other mythologies) are considered sacred energy centers where life energy or in other words 'Jiva' is thought to be situated. Now, what is this Jiva? It is the essence or the energy, which make us living and breathing human beings and which makes us alive. The Sacred Chakras By LordtNis - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 Now, this Jiva is considered concentrated in seven energy centers along the spine of our body.  (Disclaimer: To be honest, all these information I have acquired thro

The Lotus - What does it signify?

Hello all, Namaste! Last week we discussed the underlying meaning of 'Samudra Mathanam' or the churning of our mental scape to bring out the butter called 'Amrit'. This week I was confused about what to write. Should we discuss Astrology, Mythology, Science or Philosophy; it was a big question mark? Then a picture of the God Krishna caught my view and the thing that suddenly came to focus was the Lotus he was holding in his hands. At that moment it dawned on me what I should write about. It should be about the flower Lotus and what does it imply in a Philosophical perspective. To start with, what is the Lotus? The botanical name for the lotus seen particularly in south eastern parts of Asia is 'Nelumbo nucifera', which grows in aquatic, muddy areas with leaves floating over the water and the flowers are seen on stems that are thick and grow well above the water. The flower is usually light pink in color with a diameter of about 20cm. Science apart, w

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