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Ascendant (Lagna) - A snap shot!

Hello all, Namaste! Today we are going to discuss the role of the Ascendant in Vedic astrology. What is an ascendant in a horoscope? What is its significance? Can we know more about a person using an ascendant alone? The following are the perceptions I have found after studying some of the classics in Astrology and looking at charts of family and friends. If anyone has any differing perspectives, I am very much open to discussion and would like to increase my knowledge on this subject. As mentioned before in another post on Vedic astrology , I consider myself as someone standing in front of an ocean called 'Jyothisha (Vedic astrology) awed by its breadth and depth. So what is an ascendant? It is the zodiacal sign and the specific degree rising on the eastern horizon when a particular person is born. The particular zodiacal sign is considered the first house and the other houses are counted from this particular sign. The 'Graha'(ग्राहः) or the planet ruling this ho

Do we need biological regulation?

Hello all, Namaste! Today we are going to discuss an entirely new area that I came across a few years ago and which, became very close to my heart that I ended up taking a certification in the same. Regulatory affairs especially in the field of Biotechnology. Do we need it? If so why do we need it? Before getting into this question we need to go back a bit in history to know why the regulation started in the first place? Nuremberg trials:  All of you must have heard about the second World War, which spanned from 1939 -1945, in which an estimated 50-80 million fatalities happened. Numerous war crimes were committed against innocent people and later the Allied forces decided to try the remaining military leaders of the Nazi party for crimes committed during the war. It was decided the Bavarian city of Nuremberg will be the venue for the trials as it was considered the birthplace of the Nazi party. Nuremberg Trial The war crimes included experiments conducted on Jewish concent

Saturn (Shani) - A friend or a foe?

Hello all, Namaste! Today I am planning to write about Saturn from the perspective of Vedic Astrology , Mythology and how using an apt example we can try to tie it to our material realm. No! This post is absolutely not about the planet Saturn from a scientific perspective. Already everyone is aware that Saturn is the second largest planet in our Solar system and has beautiful rings around it made up of ice and rock and has many moons like Enceladus and Titan among them. In Greek Mythology, Saturn was called Chronos or the keeper of time. Saturn By NASA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons This post is about Saturn or 'Shani Deva' from a Vedic standpoint and how people who believe in Astrology are afraid of Saturn and how they put every bad experience they go through on Saturn. Does Saturn really need all this burden of criticism? Are we not equally the culprits of our own bad experiences? Let us start our dissection, shall we? First, let us go through some Vedic

11 Quotes that motivate you!!

Hello all, Namaste! The World has seen many a great personality and all of them have shown us how to lead our life with enthusiasm and authenticity. All of them were visionaries who tried to lead humanity by being beacons of change and inspiration. Why don't we look through some of the quotes, which gives us inspiration, motivation, and insight? Here I am sharing a few of my very favorite quotes, which have given me a huge inspiration. Hope you will be inspired as much as I did. Please do share some of your favorite quotes. 1, Rumi: Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī was a 13th-century Persian poet and Islamic scholar as well as a Sufi mystic. He has inspired generations with his spiritual legacy. He has been described as one of the most influential poets the World has ever known. Here are few of his pearls of wisdom. Another favorite of mine is "You have escaped the cage. Your wings are stretched out. Now fly!!"  . Many times living in a society we mold

Ask! The Universe will bring rainbows! - A personal experience

Hello all, Namaste! All of us are living in this grand constitution called the Universe. Is it just a static and invariable Universe or is it a living and dynamic one? Many thinkers and great philosophers have burned their mind with this question. About two thousand years ago Plato described it as  'The universe is a single living creature that encompasses all living creatures within it.” Socrates was so enchanted with the Universe, his quote was "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing". Image Courtesy - Even great thinkers and mystics in the East have struggled with this question. According to Wikipedia, the great Indian Philosopher, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan saw the Universe as consisting of reality that leads to diverse worldly experience grounded in and supported by the absolute or Brahman . According to Dr.Radhakrishnan each of us is having diverse experiences and we interpret the reality according to the filters of

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