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My thoughts - My reality!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a fantastic week where you were able to put in the effort to capture exactly the purpose for your life. Last week we discussed how in the higher realms of spirituality our word carries so much weight that it becomes a law unto itself. Many times we use our words so carelessly, without any thought to the underlying intentions we are putting into the Universe. So whatever we put in whether with the intention or not, that comes straight into our life, whether we want it or not. (As noted in my last post , please put yourself, the blog reader at the ' My' position in the title and read the Blog from that perspective. So each blog reader is saying, "My thoughts, my reality"). So now from the word let us go back to the thoughts. What is the importance of thoughts? To start with what are thoughts? According to Wikipedia , ' Thought encompasses a goal-oriented flow of ideas and associations that lead to a reality-oriented co

My word - My law!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a great week where you were able to pursue the passions, talents, and interests you want to blossom for your life. Last few weeks we were discussing how to pursue our purpose , how to watch our dreams , how to conquer our mind , and how to use our intentions to co-create . From this week onwards, I am writing a series for next few weeks where I would start the title as My-My. So for each 'My', please put yourself in the My position and read the Blog from the perspective of the person reading the Blog, means the reader becomes the first person or the 'I'. That way each one of us can think how our own actions or words do matter to us and our Karma. Okay, hope, what I suggested is clear. We discussed a lot about Brahman, Karma, us humans being part of the Universe, awareness, mind and much more. Today I am going to discuss one of the very fundamental Spiritual laws, which we many times don't know, many times are not aware,

Life - Co-creation!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a great weekend where you were able to co-create, what you wanted for your life. Last week we discussed how intentions lead to what we want for our life. But is it enough to have intentions?  Okay, we have our intentions and we are already taking actions towards our intentions. But does every action we take bring us results or are there specific things we need to keep in mind. This is where the term co-creation comes into the picture. Now, what is co-creation? According to Wikipedia, it is explained in management and economic terms as, " Co-creation is a management initiative, or form of economic strategy, that brings different parties together (for instance, a company and a group of customers), in order to jointly produce a mutually valued outcome. Co-creation brings a blend of ideas from direct customers or viewers (who are not the direct users of the product) which in turn creates new ideas for the organization".This is from

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