Moola Nakshatra - A Curse or a blessing?

As mentioned last week let us discuss the characteristic of the nakshatra, Moola and whether it needs to be feared as many in the society do.

Before that, two weeks back we discussed what are Nakshatras and why they are calculated according to the placement of the Moon in the horoscope. In the Nakshatra group, when starting from Ashwini nakshatra, Moola comes as the nineteenth nakshatra. Now, why am I writing this post? What is so special about Moola Nakshatra? This post is an afterthought to the fact that in South India in some communities, there are two proverbs prevalent about the Moola Nakshatra.

One is, "Aan Moolam arasalum, Pen Moolam Nirmoolam." Meaning- If a man is born in the Moola Nakshatra, he would rule the kingdom. If a woman is born in the Moola Nakshatra, she would uproot her base or home (in other words, she would destroy her home). The second proverb is "Moolathu mamiyar moolayile." Meaning- The mother-in-law of the Moola nakshatra becomes a widow'. 

Blackhole, massive, Milyway, galaxy, Moola, Nakshatra
Supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky way galaxy (Realm of Moola Nakshatra)
By NASA/CXC/Stanford/I. Zhuravleva et al. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

These two proverbs somehow which have taken root in the community during the old days (to an extent nowadays as well) used to make the life of Moola girls, who were of marriageable age very tough, as arranged marriage was a norm in those days. Should a girl be deliberately taken to task because she was born in that star? (I have a personal planet in Moola Nakshatra, and the energy of Moola plays in my life and I do know the energy of Moola Nakshatra. So this post is from my experience as well). Nowadays, due to education, the perception has changed, but even then Moola girls are shunned many times thinking they bring destruction into the family. As Moola for boys is considered great, men don't face such problems. But now the society itself is changing and people are becoming more open not to get entangled in such thoughts of destruction and impending doom.

So thought, let us look at Moola Nakshatra and see if the fear is really justifiable? What is that brings fear about Moola Nakshatra?

Moola Nakshatra:  
Numerology: As previously said, when we count from Ashwini, Moola comes as the nineteenth star in the zodiac. Just for fun let us look at the numerology. One and nine. One in numerology denotes the single or the independent person. One is the number that comes first. So, the star itself according to numerology has the energy of leadership, who comes first. Next comes nine. The last number encompassing all the numbers from 1 to 8. 

So, in a philosophical sense, 9 encloses every characteristic of numbers 1 to 8, and above that has another unique characteristic that any of the other numbers don't have. Nine is the number of the humanitarian. No other number has that quality. To become a humanitarian, one should have gone through tough life experiences (numbers 1-8), should relate to the sadness/state of others, and then should put themselves in other's shoes and be able to help others. Moola has the quality of leadership as well as that of a humanitarian. But the leadership comes first. Only if they are a leader, they can later take care of others. Without leadership, one cannot become a humanitarian.

Nineteen, Moola, numerology
Moola-The nineteenth Nakshatra
Image courtesy-

This is true whether a Moola person is a male or a female. They imbue leadership. Now let us come back to the proverb, 'If a man is born in the Moola Nakshatra, he would rule the kingdom. If a woman is born in the Moola Nakshatra, she would uproot her base or home.' Remember, we live in a patriarchal society/world. So in such a world, a Moola male native gets the chance to go out into the world, use his leadership qualities, make a name for himself. The energy of Moola works perfectly for him. He uses that energy totally for himself. 

Next, let us take the case of the girl Moola Nakshatra. In previous days (even today in many Orthodox cultures), the woman is supposed to be docile, be gentle, and listen to the elders in the family. Now, here comes our Moola girl, who has the leadership, as well as all the other qualities of all the other numbers, ending with the number nine-the born humanitarian. So once she grows up, would try to take leadership ability to make great changes in her family/society and try to make changes, so that the dynamics of the family works for all.

Many times girls were married off at a young age itself in the previous times. So by the time the girl matures, she would be in the husband's house. Here she would try to take her leadership qualities. What happens then? The elders of the family who have been comfortable in the status-quo for a long time don't like the change that is happening by virtue of the Moola girl. They fight tooth and nail to the change Moola star can bring. Only after taking a leadership role can she show her humanitarian side. But trying to capture the leadership role itself brings thunder and firestorms over her, as she becomes the nemesis to the status-quo and she is stamped as someone not good for the household, who brings in fights and feuds.

But in the households where she is given a free hand, she takes the leadership role, makes sure everyone is taken care of and becomes the true humanitarian to the family as well as the society the family is in. But this stage never reaches, because as soon as she tries to take a leadership role, she is put down, made fun of and becomes the person who is trying to take apart the family. So, the true culprit is the difference of status a man and a woman is given in the society. Nothing to do with the Moola star. Nakshatras, planets, or houses don't see the difference between the man and the woman. We, the human society do.

Now the second proverb, 'The mother-in-law of the Moola nakshatra becomes a widow.' After all the Astrology and Philosophy research I have done, I am positive that the horoscope of another person doesn't have as much effect compared to one's own horoscope. So bringing a Moola native girl as the daughter-in-law and her horoscope is secondary compared to one's own horoscope. One's horoscope may have more effect on oneself than the horoscope of a second person. So in many cases, the person who is the Mother-in-law already may have some tough experiences to go through and that would be clearly seen in the horoscope of the mother-in-law or the father-in-law. So, the Moola native is again taken to task unnecessarily.

The energy of Moola: Moola encompasses the energy called 'Barhana Shakthi' -to destroy the status-quo, take things apart and later build new things. But many times building new structures is nicely forgotten. So, only the destruction part people consider. The deity for Moola in recent scriptures is given as Alakshmi-opposite of prosperity. That also brings fear in the minds of people. How can one accept a star that brings misfortune? 

But there is another fact. Alakshmi is the older sister of Lakshmi, fortune. So, due to the fact the older sister is representing this star, the younger sister comes very fast to this star compared to others. Also, in very old scriptures, Moola star was ruled by the diety Prajapathi or Brahma. Brahma is the creator God or in other words, this star after the destruction of status-quo can build beautiful structures. But nowadays in the current society, only Alakshmi is considered the diety, so Moola becomes the star that brings misfortune again. (Give Moola, a break!! ;-)))

Kali, Moola, Alakshmi, Goddess, Sagittarius
Goddess of Moola Nakshatra-Kali or Alakshmi
By Nahsik01 [CC BY-SA 4.0, from Wikimedia Commons

There is another version to this story. In many scriptures, Alakshmi is considered as the dark Goddess Kali. Remember, the Kali post we discussed? The energy of Kali reflects perfectly the energy of Moola. Kali is considered the Goddess of justice and would go to any length to make sure justice is being done. Kali also breaks down the ego of man and brings out the true nature of a soul- Barhana Shakthi. Here again, the leader to humanitarian can be seen even in the Goddess Kali, doing the good for the humanity after destroying the old worn out status-quo.

Other deities: The Graha ruling Moola is Kethu. Kethu is the big void (black hole), where it absorbs everything. Also as per Mythology, we know Kethu has no head and he is the headless tail. His head was cut by Vishnu after 'Samudra Mathanam'. So, due to the tough life experiences (many times for women), many times the Moola native, due to the mind being in Moola and Kethu being the Graha without a head, becomes totally confused. The head is not there for them to make sense of the life experiences and circumstances. So above the tough life experiences, they also become confused about the whole scenario. But of course, there is always a saving grace, with any circumstance.

Kethu, Moola, Nakshatra, Ganesha, confusion
Kethu-The ruler of Moola Nakshatra
By E. A. Rodrigues [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The deity of Kethu graha is Ganesha, the elephant-headed God, who is the wisdom incarnate. So, when Moola natives start praying to Ganesha, the confusion changes to wisdom. The big elephant head of Ganesha represents a huge head full of wisdom. In higher vibrations, Kethu also represents, wisdom. So the Moola native gets the triple dose of wisdom, first from Kali, then from Ganesha and finally from Kethu. Above this, Moola nakshatra comes in the house of Sagittarius (Dhanus) in Astrology, whose ruler is Jupiter, again the giver of true wisdom among planets. Also, the symbol of Sagittarius is a bow, which when used with thoughts as sharp arrows from the mind, would truly find their destination. So in reality, a Moola native has four times the wisdom endowed upon them.

Ganesha, elephant headed, Moola, Kethu
Ganesha- The elephant-headed God
See page for the author, via Wikimedia Commons

All these details about Moola Nakshatra are applicable to a man as well as a woman. The Nakshatras or planets don't differentiate, but it is our human mind as well as the society that differentiates humans as man and woman. As discussed many times in this blog, for a soul there is absolutely no gender. So, it shows even though a person is born as a man or a woman, we are supposed to treat them with respect above all the differentiation our normal eyes can perceive.

Mythological characters: Before, we discussed the dark side of our nature with Ravana as an example and the light side with Hanuman as an example. Ravana was the zenith of arrogance while Hanuman was the epitome of humility. They are as different as night and day. The interesting fact is, both of them are considered to have been born in Moola Nakshatra.

In my perception, Ravana being the leader embracing the number '1' nature of Moola, never progressed to the humanitarian nature. The negative aspect of number '1' leadership is arrogance, expanded ego, dictatorship, stifling others, making others fearful and doing harm to others. Here Ravana paints a nice picture of this negative 'one' personality. He also was very wise, with knowledge about war, strategy, Astrology, using the musical instrument Veena and more. The blessing of Kethu and Ganesha makes one good with Astrology. So, he embodies the knowledge that can be a gift of Moola Nakshatra, but along with that, a Moola not truly mature brings arrogance as well. That also we can see in Ravana.

The perfect example of the higher vibration of Moola is Hanuman. He had true humility, with Srirama as his lord, being a humble devotee to his master. Here while jumping to SriLanka to search for Seetha as well as bringing the DronaGiri to revive Rama's brother Lakshmana, he showed his leadership quality to go and finish a task. The humanitarian quality comes out as a mind to do an enormous feat truly for another person. But in the same Hanuman story, we can see just the leadership, when he jumped to catch the Sun thinking it as a fruit without the thought of the consequences as well as his confusion about himself (Kethu) when it was time to go to Lanka. The Kethu brought confusion to his mind, not knowing his full capabilities and later the wise (Ganesha) Jambavan had to remind him about his true powers. So, Ravana, as well as Hanuman, show the two sides of Moola Nakshatra.

Another diety associated with Moola is Goddess Saraswathi, the Goddess of wisdom and knowledge itself. In many stories she also is considered to be born in Moola Nakshatra This also shows the knowledge a Moola native can acquire. Another interesting fact about Saraswathi is that she is considered very independent and treats the four Vedas (sacred books) of Sanatana Dharma as her kids. This again shows the leadership, knowledge, and the very independent nature of this star.

Galactic center: A very interesting fact about Moola nakshatra is that it occurs as nine stars in the tail of the zodiac Scorpius (tail of Scorpion) called Lambda-Scorpionis (Shaula), Epsilon-Scorpionis, Mu-1-Scorpionis, Iota-1-Scorpionis, Theta-Scorpionis, Eta-Scorpionis, Zeta-Scorpionis, Kappa- Scorpionis and Upsilon-Scorpionis (Lesath). Even though it is part of the tail of Scorpio, from an astrological point of view it occurs in Sagittarius. 

Scorpius, Scorpio, Moola, Black hole, Kethu
Scorpius-The constellation having Moola Nakshatra
By IAU and Sky & Telescope magazine (Roger Sinnott & Rick Fienberg) ([1])
CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Also, the tail is the closest part that comes near to the center of Milky Way Galaxy. So, Moola is the one and only Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology that comes close to the Galactic center. The galactic center is a hotbed of activity with a very powerful black hole in the center. This black hole again symbolizes the confusing nature of Kethu. But due to the violent nature of the galactic center and the Kethu being represented, the natives of this Nakshatra can be considered very creative and very spiritual. Creativity always starts in a ground of conflicting ideas competing with each other. Kethu is Moksha Karaka (symbolism of salvation) and Ganesha also brings spirituality.

Sagittarius, Moola, Nakshatra, Kethu, Black hole
Sagittarius-The zodiac sign of Moola Nakshatra
By IAU and Sky & Telescope magazine (Roger Sinnott & Rick Fienberg) ([1])
CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Conclusion: From all the above points it can be seen that Moola natives are knowledgeable, wise (Jupiter), wealthy (due to Alakshmi being the sister of Lakshmi), spiritual (Kethu and Ganesha) and very creative (Saraswati-Goddess of wisdom). Of course, an immature Moola has no idea how to use the blessings that are graced upon them and can become confused, arrogant and egoistic (like Ravana). But a mature Moola, after some early difficult life experiences, is able to handle all the different qualities of the Nakshatra well.

Such a Moola, like Hanuman, even though first confused about their place in the world, later wake up to their different capabilities, use it to their advantage, bringing out the leadership as well as the humanitarian qualities to the forefront. Ofcourse, Moola is a very intense Nakshatra, being the volcano like Galactic center embedded in it. It is not a soft Nakshatra, but very intense. But then which Nakshatra is soft? All are very active and have their own characteristic nature. 

So, to all the women who are Moola natives and to their families who are feeling sad, cheer up! You are blessed more than you can ever imagine. Wake up, become mature and gracefully embrace all the gifts Moola Nakshatra is ready to confer upon you.

Now, finally here is the question, being born in Moola Nakshatra, is it truly a curse or a blessing?

I wish you a good weekend and I'll see you next Friday! 😉
Next week: Ganda Moola -The transformation!
Note: Images from Wikimedia Commons, and

Ralph Waldo Emerson writes, "There is a time in every man's education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance ; that imitation is suicide; that he must take himself for better for worse as his portion that though the wide universe is full of good, no kernel of nourishing corn can come to him but through his toil bestowed on that plot of ground which is given to him to till. The power which resides in him is new in nature, and none but he knows what that is which he can do, nor does he know until he has tried".  

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  1. Excellent article on Moola Nakshatra. Thank you. God bless.....

  2. Sure.It is the words of the Divine.I am just the scribe.Thank you,for your kind words. Regards, Swaroopa.

  3. This is a breath of fresh air from all the "cursed moola girl" articles I've seen... Every time I read this (once or twice now, months apart) I am amazed by the depth of your descriptions and the obvious dedication and research that has gone into it. It certainly deserves more recognition. At the start of this new decade, it is time that astrologers finally realize that nakshatras, like this universe, see no gender! Society is a man-made construct and as such needs to advance. Being a female moola moon native, your article is truly eye-opening and it's helped me see things in myself and my nature. Apologies for the rant, but I wished to thank you for writing it. I hope you live a blessed life! ♡

  4. You are very welcome Anonymous. As I mentioned, Moola is the nineteenth star. 1 and 9. So, only after becoming a leader one can become a humanitarian. But remember Moola is a Theekshna nakshatra. So, very intense energies. But who can deal with such demonic energies? Of course, Kali, the dark Goddess. She is the one who can just cut the head of the demonic ego. So, a Moon in Moola has the mind of Kali, the dark Goddess. But she is also Bhadra (auspicious) Kali- confident, elegant, but gentle and compassionate. So, take that energy and let the Goddess guide you. She would exactly lead you were you are supposed to go. So, my suggestion, pray to Ganesha, the God of Kethu and Kali. You would start to get intuitions. Follow it. All will be well, when they lead. Thank you for the comments. The Gods guide. I become the scribe. Regards, Swaroopa

  5. Thank you on the insight 🙏

  6. Sure. You are very welcome! Regards, Swaroopa.

  7. It was really nice to read. I sometimes get many intuitions I have many abilities yet people don't truly notice them.

  8. Thank you. My suggestion- Trust yourself, whether others trust you or not. Moola is a very independent star. So, self-trust and humility, much needed. Best. Regards, Swaroopa.

  9. My sister is a moola nakshatra. never married. always fighting. studied law but does the work of a 12th standard student. did drugs, drinking, always ready to cheat people including me.fighting and beating others comes normally to her. i consider moola nakshatra girl a curse to herself and others.

    1. Dear annymous, am also moola nakshatra 3rd pada, 25years old from poor background. Where my life was not so easy in this society in marriage issues. But being education am double graduate, working in wel IT company fetching good wealth from my hard work.
      This society hate me when i had no money n poor backgrohnd n given mool nakshatra as reason. Now same old so called people came foreard to marry me again.
      Plz dont feel low for anything. Everything happrn at r8 time. God given 1 life, y worry for negative treats.
      Even i lost my dad bcoz of his addiction. I am ruling n taking care every1 at om, shaping my career wel.
      I feel am blessed bcoz till my parents start searching groom i was not knowing my nakshatra or star sign.
      I kept ignoring the people who said ur moola nakshatra we dont need u. Now am waiting for 1 person who doesnt believe all these n tc me wel in life so i can join him and shape our life career wel.....

  10. It is actually, this perspective everyone has, "That Moola is cursed", she has deeply taken within her. Most probably her close family members have said so many times from very young age, the poor girl has taken it deeply inside. Instead of helping her to know her own value, here brother himself is saying this and posting a comment. She should get rid all, who don't support her, and go and make brilliant her own life. Negative word/ emotions/ treatments are even poisonous that a physical wound. The other is just physical. Heals. The emotional wounds you all are giving never heals. I feel compassion for her. I am going to pray for her to Kali- her Moon Goddess. Let her see the truth, "It is not her, others who need the fixing, to wash of all the dirt from their mind. Kali would help her. You see. Best. Regards, Swaroopa.

  11. Thank you so much for this beautiful article. I knew there is something positive in my nakshatra which made me to dig deeper into it and I found this after looking at all negative articles.. This made my day.

  12. You are very welcome. I wrote the article exactly for people who are struggling under the so called "curse" of Moola. Moola is a very strong star. Only one should embrace both the spiritual/ material nature and be humble. Then, Ganesha, Kethu, Jupiter, Kali and even Prajapathi (Brahma: ancient ruler) blesses. Be totally, happy you have Moola and start operating from that glowing will power and confidence. No other star has the confidence of Moola. None.😊 🌹. Best. Regards, Swaroopa.

  13. Thank you for posting this .. this is the only positive article I have come across so far .. some articles have even stated that in Narada muni Purana he has suggested to abandon the child with mula nakshatra ..

  14. If you understand Moola is deeply connected to roots with the realm in galactic center. Deep spiritual strength. Think like this. As Moola star is so spiritually connected, many times the baby is too precious for mundane everyday material life and should find more worthwhile pursuits. So, material world not worthy of the baby, so more great for natural world- or in current modern times public sphere than home sphere.

    Moola is extremely spiritual as well as material. Only the material things should be made using one"s own creativity. Very independent star. So, my suggestion, pray to Ganesha and Bhadrakali. Ganesha for strong roots and Bhadrakali for guidance and humility. Then, follow your intuition to the core. You are your guidance. Find guidance within and follow. Be humble as well. Moola does have an arrogant streak. Ravana had the same star. Be humble and Ganesha, Kali above that Kethu, Guru and Brahma would take care. Abundant spiritual blessings. So, why fear, right? Take charge of life. Live with independent, self-reliant confidence. All would be well! Best. Swaroopa.

  15. So true .. never thought of this .. thank you ..

  16. You are very welcome. I feel blessed and joyful, when my words help another Soul deeply. So, arming yourself with this new knowledge, bring in the very best of value, worth, creativity, career and abundance for yourself. Deep Self-trust. You would go long way.:-))) Best. Regards, Swaroopa

  17. Hii mam,I had seen many blogs related to moola. But today i found the best out of them.I'm moola pada 4 male.How to achieve success, even while im working hard consistently im getting underrated why mam? 😭

  18. Because Moola is extremely independent nakshatra. The roots. The tree grows from you. You are the roots. Instead, if you try to be leaves or stem, you would be cut down again and again. If it is an employment, you have to be department head, or a section head. Or you have to be an entrepreneur/ consultant and trust yourself deeply. Also, Moola is a very efficient nakshatra. Seeing your efficiency, productivity, others get intimidated. So, see, how can you use your efficiency/ productivity to your advantage. Can you find a top level/ consultant/ executive position, where you have to give guidance?? Or an entrepreneur. Ask Ganesha and Kali. They would guide you. But don't have ego/ arrogance. The same Kali(Goddess) would cut your head. Remember, Durga, blessed Sri Rama to cut Ravana's head. Moola is roots. So, from you things have to originate. Don't be in middle management. Top/ consultant/ entrepreneur should be your focus, where you are free. Moola comes in Sagittarius. Deep, inner mental freedom to be exactly "who you are-Swaroopa"!😊💜 Best. Swaroopa.

  19. Thank you so much for the article. I felt you are talking straight to me. Yes I had initial struggles and have tried to constantly learn from them. What happened to me I constantly pray, it never happens to anyone.. thanks again.
    About being independent, yes I find it very difficult to work under someone. Usually have almost never got credit for my hard work. Hoping for the best..

  20. The catchphrase for Moola nakshatra is Self-trust. Above everything trust yourself, with a surrender to Kali/ Ganesha way. Moola works in material world only if spiritual connection is solid. Also, you name is Sruthi. Start deeply listening when others talk. You would get hints from others for your life. But when you get hints, don't ask them. Consult within and take decisions. Guided from an inner truth but towards,an outer reality. Above everything trust yourself and your intuition. Also, don't ask for approval from others. But be kind and compassionate, though. Moola's approval is from within and oneself. Moola is very independent and not a doormat. But very kind and truthful. Namesake of Hanuman.😊. Best. Regards, Jayasree.

  21. Hi...
    I have often experienced everything that you have written in my life.
    I am good at most creative things, however early on I used think that if I was multi-talented then why am I not able to succeed and have perfection in anything, the answer to this was going slow and meditation, I would not say I have become perfect but this has helped my journey of self discovery.
    Often at school, college and work place I did not fear speaking my mind which led to disastrous consequences and sometimes good outcomes.
    However I realised I always had a problem with some or the other thing and I was mostly angry about the way world was, then again it took me a long time to understand I can't change everything and I am equally prone to making mistakes and to keep my calm I am into meditation and anyhow people who do bad are already suffering for their doings, I am no one to punish them or hope they be punished.
    Sometimes I kept myself in people's (family and friends)shoes so intensely that it almost felt like an inevitable duty to free them of their problems else I felt unsettled however I realised how damaging that was, and no matter what we do, everyone's life is a different journey and they live it in their own time. I am learning to accept this and it helps.
    Living day to day, hour to hour is how I feel at peace with myself, whoever I am and grateful for what life has to offer me. 😊

    1. I can understand the hassles Moola brings. It is a nakshatra of transformation. It has the energy of destruction and new birth. So, the person definitely needs a spiritual practice. But as the star has deepest of roots, need to find a “metaphorical home or niche” in physical life as well. Best. Regards, Swaroopa

  22. i am feeling calm after reading your article. i am born in moola nakshatra and as well as manglik.
    i have seen a lot in my life. i lost my parents before getting adult and childhood was also very struggleful. people who r connected to me tells me often that i have potential to get successful in life. but in reality i am nowhere. i dont feel comfortable with anyone who has narrow mind and speaks about only people. now i can understand why do i want apocalypse in this world because greedy and selfish people have destroyed this planet as well as fellow creature.
    and yes it is true i m very confused and cant focus on single thing. lot of ideas hovers in mind but somehow it is not possible to implement them at all.
    now i am reading others users comment so came to know they too are facing similar problems like me. people call me arrogant egoistic and some extent i also feel like that. but now i have prepared my mindset to not give value of others opinions. sometimes i feel very destructive and damage myself in anger. but in reality less doesnt satisfy me and this feeling never let me settle on anything and i am still clueless about my life that what will i do with it.
    thanks for the articles it is quite helpful. would love to know more about from you. if possible please also tell about manglik people who are also born in moola nakshatra.
    thanks by heart.

  23. Moola, always needs a spiritual practice, period, to transform it from the Ravana phase to Hanuman. Hanuman is the mind and should serve Rama, the Soul and it's Dharma. So, see whom you vibe with -Ganesha, Kali, Hanuman or Ayyappa. Hold tightly to one of them and ask for focus and will power. The anger in high vibe is top creativity. So, holding onto one of these deities as the boat, start channeling all that energy as purpose/ creativity towards your own life. Don't be subordinate, but leader, but servant leader as Hanuman. Mangalik is actually Mars damaged. So, brings lot of self-doubts and you end up listening to others, which confuses you. That is what is happening. Deeply trust yourself and realize for Moola the guidance is the Soul - in any of the four Roopas, I mentioned. So, use your creativity and passion in something where you can be at a top position. Even though Hanuman was devoted to Rama, he was,never a doormat. Moola is the one star, which has the most will power among the 27 stars. But that will power kicks in only if you deeply trust yourself, not otherwise. So, that trust in yourself would remove the "Mangalik" status. Mangalik is a way for Brahman to make the Soul to turn into themselves. So, deeply trust yourself and start operating from that powerful place. You and your life would transform. All will be well. Best. Regards, Swaroopa

  24. The article is very interesting and certainly brings forth a different & refreshing perspective. I have been trying to read about Moola Nakshatra for past few days after coming to know that my daughter, aquarius ascendant, has 3 planets (Rahu, Mars - 3rd pada & Mercury - 4th pada) in Moola Nakshatra. It would be helpful if you could share some thoughts on effects of planets in this nakshatra.

  25. Thank you for your comments. My blog is only for general Vedic astrology and philosophy writings. For specific chart analysis of planets in specific houses or nakshatras, a personal reading needs to be ordered, as I don't like to analyze any chart as bits and pieces. A chart is a whole dynamic entity with special energies, intuition, the Karma of the client as well as the time I am analyzing the chart. Anything that does not give pure and deep effect, I won't do. So, please approach my store and order a reading. I can look at your daughter's chart. Best, Regards. Swaroopa

    1. Thank you. Kindly share the link for your store.


  27. Thank you so much!!!! Feel so relieved!!! Back to my high vibration state🙏🙏🙏

  28. Thank you so much Swaroopa!!! Much needed! Feel so relieved! Back to my high vibration state now🙏🙏

  29. Hello Anonymous-thrice ( or is it four times ;-))), I wrote the Moola article for people who found life itself difficult with the judgements and put downs of others. I have people in my own family who have struggled with this. The value of Moola is themselves with the help of Ganesha, Kethu and Kali. Happy to know that you found the post inspirational. Keep up the high vibrations and rock in your own life. Best, Swaroopa.

  30. Hi Swaroopa,
    Thank you for such a clear and detailed note on Moola Nakshatra. I will share my issues here. I am a Moola person. I have interests in many subjects or topics. However most of all in the stock markets. This interest made me get an MBA after my BE to get into markets. Now i am working as analyst. But some how after all this pursuit i am unable to taste success, all i have is loss on net basis. I am really facing a lot of confusion, direction less. A lot of times fickle minded as well. I really need to understand is there some way i can get a direction to all these issues and once in for all get a content-full life with is restless nature of mine.

  31. Hello anonymous. I understand the struggle. But remember. the Goddess is Kali- battle ground and the realm is galactic center of a black hole of swirling energy. Moola natives always find themselves in the middle of conflicts many many times. Become okay with it. That is the energy of moola - Theekshna- war, destruction, rebirth and regeneration. You should become the tower of strength in the very middle of any storm drawing inner strength from your ancestors (Kethu) and Gods- Kali-courage, power and might and Ganesha- intelligence, wisdom and knowledge. Even Hanuman has the star of Moola, according to my research. Only a very strong, will powered Soul who needs to become a root for the family would find themselves in Moola. See, are you doing the duty of being the roots and the infallible "tower of strength" for your family. So, become courageous, bold and deeply trust yourself taking self-willed actions, without ego or arrogance. Moola has to get guidance through intuition, and the spiritual team/ Gods. From nowhere else. Also remember, this world is filled with cowards. But Moola is not cut out to be a coward. For Moola, making money always should be associated with a higher purpose/ duty. Sagittarius of higher ideals, Dharma, with ancestors through Kethu ruling the mind. Ancestors is family. How are you keeping your family relationships? Remembering ancestors? So, be bold, trust yourself, become the tower of strength for your family and friends and lead life as a challenge. Your mind being in Sagittarius is already provided, a bow (fighting spirit), arrow (focus) and a centaur body ( running and flying to higher ideals)-Jupiter ruled Sagittarius- Dhanus- bow, in Sanskrit. So, trust yourself and live very vibrantly. More guidance? Please approach my store. Wishing you a great day! Need to write my blog today. ;-))) Best. Swaroopa

  32. Hi Swaroopa, how to get in touch with you if I need to do horoscope matching ? Do you do that ? How do I contact you for it ?

  33. Hi Swaroopa, do you also do horoscope matching ? How do I contact you if you do that ?

  34. Hi Susan,

    I have done it for my family and friends. But I prefer people to make their own decisions with a deep trust in the divine. A trusted heart is always taken care of by the divine, whether the horoscopes match or not. I am more interested in people to follow their Dharma as well as free will to make decisions. Blindly believing the astrologer is not to have faith in oneself and the divine. That is the main culprit in every marriage or relationship and the couple decide or allow others to run the marriage. You can order a reading at my store - That is the way to approach me. Any personal reading is only through my store as - with my business, taxes and IRS are involved. I can't answer questions on personal charts. That is through an order. As there are two charts involved, I would have to charge a $120, which is the biggest reading for my orders. I instead of doing the main 10 points even look at many other smaller and finer points, nimitta, numerology etc. Everything, I consider. But I don't prefer the match making. Hence didn't add such a reading. If many people enquire, I would give it a thought. If the minds meet, above charts, the minds are graced by the divine. I am positive about that. Best. Regards, Swaroopa

  35. I have a lagna and mars in moola pada-2, and I'm a girl. I absolutely have no idea about this 2 months ago. but I went through lots of hardship in life, got confused why every time I got into difficult situation then go out from it more brightly, every now and then. and every time it becomes more intense. That is why I read astrology and I think it is because of my moola [destruct and build new...], so hard though, I am dreaming of calm life. how to quietten this moola energy :(

  36. The rule to realize about Moola nakshatra is that it is placed in the most violent part of the galaxy, which is very close to the black hole as per Vedic astrology. (Don't bring astronomy. I am clueless. This is about energy as nakshatras.) So, either lagna or some grahas get placed here. This shows the person has been given the energy of the battle field to work with. The person has to take this energy work with it and make something out of it. Don't try to escape, but become okay with the surrounding chaos of the war, as calm as Shiva within the mind and use the energy towards the life. Here lagna- body and Mars -will power are given for access in second pada of Moola which falls in Taurus navamsa- Earth and the wealth it can provide, in other words making material prosperity using body and will power. Your mind should become calm in the surrounding chaos and see how you can use it to your advantage. The soil for Moola- the roots is in the spiritual/ metaphysical world. What soil are you going to access with your Moola roots to grow your tree so that the tree produces flowers and fruits for you in your material world. Moola due to the chaos would feel paralyzed, if there is no spiritual practice or connection. Others would definitely bring their chaos to Moola as they are roots and they have a tree like connection with the spiritual world. It can come as life circumstances, office politics, relative/ friends chaos, health problems or any number of issues. Spiritual practice- calm within the mind (meditating Shiva attitude- use any favorite deity)- helping others- leadership- almost a lone wolf within one's mind while taking care of oneself (extremely important) and others is the mantra for Moola. So, see how you can take the Moola energy of body and will power and put it to work for you. More, please order a reading at my store. Best. Regards, Swaroopa

  37. I see that people, especially other astrology websites piggy-backing or traveling or advertising their stuff on my coat-tails (blog). Please don't do that. I am not here to promote other websites or viewpoints or perspectives or values- but my own Dharma and the related values. Why should I write 200+ blog posts to promote other ideas and view points? Such comments, I would delete and won't see the daylight of my blog. Now, for myself I guess I don't need another astrologer. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, which I share on my footnotes. Sharing it once again. Note in woman's too......;-))))

    ""There is a time in every man's education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance; that imitation is suicide; that he must take himself for better, for worse, as his portion; that though the wide universe is full of good, no kernel of nourishing corn can come to him but through his toil bestowed on that plot of ground which is given to him to till. The power which resides in him is new in nature, and none but he knows what that is which he can do, nor does he know until he has tried. Not for nothing one face, one character, one fact, makes much impression on him, and another none. This sculpture in the memory is not without preëstablished harmony. The eye was placed where one ray should fall, that it might testify of that particular ray. We but half express ourselves, and are ashamed of that divine idea which each of us represents. It may be safely trusted as proportionate and of good issues, so it be faithfully imparted, but God will not have his work made manifest by cowards. A man is relieved and gay when he has put his heart into his work and done his best; but what he has said or done otherwise, shall give him no peace. It is a deliverance which does not deliver. In the attempt his genius deserts him; no muse befriends; no invention, no hope.

    Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string. Accept the place the divine providence has found for you, the society of your contemporaries, the connection of events."" -Ralph Waldo Emerson!

    Happy Vijayadashami, all! May this day of Saraswathi bring everyone "their own" wisdom, intelligence, mental perspectives and intellect! A shining intellect that can cut the chaff out of brilliant gems of knowledge like the sword Durga carries! Wishing all to develop a sword like gleaming intellect! Tadasthu! So, it is !!


  38. Hi Swaroopa, my daughter was born on October 11, 2021 at 1:10 PM. One pundit told she was born in Jyesta and another told she was born in Moola (just a matter of 10-15 min resulting in the change). I resonated a lot with what you have posted in the article and the various comments. We were told to perform a Nakshatra shanti puja; can you give your thoughts on the pujas to minimise doshas? Isn't the purpose of every individual just to realize the true nature of our existence no matter which nakshatra we are born in? How do all these affect us?

  39. Hello BOB, Thank you for your comments. Yes, within half an hour lagna can change and that can change the whole chart. Personal chart drawing and analysis is only through my store and paid. But here your baby is only few days old. Don't get into the jyothisha, chart and all other stress making things. The best thing the baby needs at present is deep love from both parents, that bring out the very best growth, mind, body and brain development. The point about Jyeshta/Moola cusp is, it is very intense water and fire energy.The nakshatra shanthi they say for the Soul to handle and tackle this energy. If you feel like, do it. Otherwise, why don't I say a very simple technique?Jyeshta comes in Scorpio- water and Moola Goddess is Bhadrakali. Jyeshta is ruled by Indra- who is the rain god. So, to get both blessings of Indra as well as Kali, do a water abhishekam for Kali at a local temple, if you are able to, for 19 times. Jyeshta is 18th star from Ashwini and Moola is 19th. Both gets covered. As water is used that too on the Goddess- Indra is happy and as it is done for Kali, the goddess also gives her grace. Once the baby is 5 or 7 years of age, at your convenience draw the chart. But do the abhisheka with deepest of devotion and faith. Remember Kali and Indra- powerful folks. So, respect and deep devotion, a must. Also find a Kali who is Santhaswaroopini- the kind, compassionate form, as already the mind is placed in Jyeshta/Moola cusp. Also whenever you get a chance, visit Kali temples with the baby. Bhadrakali- the mother Goddess would take care of everything and leave all the burden/ stress with her.

    Yes, each Soul has to find their true nature, in this life. For that a very sharp mind is needed. But if the mind is placed in the energy of deluge (Jyeshta) and wild-fire (Moola), how can it be stress free and peaceful to find true nature, right? So, to help your daughter to tackle this wild- but highly creative/ talented energy, bring her up with deep devotion to Bhadrakali. She will glow in her talents, creativity and leadership, 3 ones- 11 and the one of October. Also, total of DOB- is 8- Saturn- solid, disciplined, structure and organization. Give the gift of the deep devotion to Kali. Bhadrakali would make sure she glows and becomes terrific in her life. I don't prefer to draw chart for a few days old baby. Please, come after five or seven years to my store, I can draw the chart and look more, if you prefer. Congratulations to you and your spouse and understand the mother Goddess has blessed you with a daughter. She is there to give company to your daughter. Why worry, when she is there as rock solid support?? ;-)))). Best Swaroopa

  40. Excellent Article on how people' are supposed to look into their plan of actions and belief in devine. No force is greater than ones determination! I appreciate this effort of filling wisdom and confidence into one's life. :) Happy life

  41. Hello dear Swaroopa... After reading your beautiful article even I want to be a Moola! My moon nakshatra is Mrigshira, though ascendant is Moola. My daughter, who is 13 presently, has moon in Moola. She also has Ketu and Saturn in Leo Lagna. She loves isolation, doesn't like to mingle around.. And loves her own company and books. She pretty much has very strong qualities of a she might appear a bit egoistic but is utterly gentle at heart. Also she is extremely focused on her reading all the time. Can read ten books in a day or can read incessantly for hours without geting tired. She doesn't believe so much in God as of now. I do tell her to pray but she's not interested as of now.

    As a mother, it worries me a lot though. Her love for isolation almost to the point of being anti social. I hope she'll change. Please guide!

  42. First to Unknown, the one previous to the last comment. Thank you. Yes, will as well as determination along with our mindset determines our life and Dharma. Remember, five years back there was no writer as I and there was no Swaroopa Blog as well. If I can access my will power, so can you and so can anyone else. Best. Swaroopa.

  43. Hi Simmar, Thank you for the lovely comment. Moola is not an easy energy; the person themselves have to find their roots first as they have to help others. Many times Moola would have to figure out things for themselves. Finer details I can only say after looking at the chart. But Leo Kethu is going to remove her from group activities. The stage, drama and creativity she has already done in her previous lives. This life is about Aquarius Rahu. But Rahu matures only at 42 years of age. She is learning/ reading to use that knowledge later to use towards huge network of people, Aquarius! Let her read, she most probably will need it later. Aquarius is a healer with Sathabhishek star in the very middle. Same way Moola also has healing abilities as it deals with roots and herbs. So, get her books and books. Instead of asking her to believe in something she cannot see, get her ten books on Hindu mythology or Hindu stories. Even 1001 Arabian nights or other world mythology. Let her read and once her imagination opens up she will figure out a way herself. But if possible once a while take her to Kali or Ganesha temples if she is ready. That would deeply influence her eventually. Moola is a leader and one's own person. The best way is to help her to become the very best she can be. More, you can get readings at my store. Best wishes! Swaroopa

  44. To Simmar, I would also suggest to watch this video. Every person has a particular place in this world and she will eventually find hers as well. Best. Swaroopa.

    1. Thank you so much dear... God bless you!

    2. You are very welcome, Simmar! Best, Swaroopa

  45. Hi all, I see people commenting in a beautiful way, but with their service or business link in the comments. Come on folks, I write about the deepest of human mind, its aspects, collective consciousness, spirituality, philosophy and even the metaphorical energy aspects of mythological stories. Do you think by writing a very nice, sweet as an Ice-cream/ chocolate words you can put dust in my eye? Think again! ;-))). Write genuine and heart felt comments, "without your links or pointers to business/ service". Definitely, I will publish! Until then, have a Very Happy Vishu and Good Day! Swaroopa🌺

  46. Hi swaroopa, thank you for the beautiful article, its surprising i found the article, when just in the morning i was whining to myself, why i can't i be born in other nakshatras. Though i know I'm not the reason my dad being sick and financial struggles always lays seeds of doubt, when other people firmly point out it's because of the stars malefic energy. However the question I'm struggling currently in my life is not all those. Despite all these i want to find love. In my teens people confused my sharp words as arrogance even if it meant for their own good. I learned the hard way, the art of sweet talking. What i realise in my idle time, is higher knowledge,which can't be used in normal conversations. Am i a smart person then? Not really, it's not useful when I'm in dire situations. I hated that fact. It's like giving me the most powerful weapon in the battlefield which i can't even lift for my age. It might be useful in future, but i realized late i need spiritual guidance, for my paralyzed knowledge. Miss swaroopa, i feel it's both boon and curse that my intuition is always stupidly correct when it comes to men. It's human nature to crave what they can't acquire easily. My sister says my aggresive nature can only be handled by a soft, calm person. And all the while I'm attracted to aggresive ppl, even without knowing. Can i be truly loved or love anyone? Please help me clarify this. I'm an oct 18,96 morning 9 am born girl.

  47. Hi Anonymous, Congratulations, you are a Moola person. Why the congratulations? Because Moola is the root from which leaves, trunk, flowers, fruits and the tree itself grows. In other words, it is the entrepreneur, boss, self-gig or top-dog energy. It is due to this abundant energy that must be used to lead others, the person always feels irritated and angry. Think like this. You have an ocean of energy- to get into top level job/position or even self-motivated endeavor, which needs a lot of energy and you are trying to fill it in a cup-an every day or routine job? The people who share your nakshatra are Ravana, Hanuman, Kali and Saraswathi - in modern terms CEO, top doctor/ surgeon (Mritasanjeevani), a female boss and a college Professor. Nobody is in an every day nominal job. So, the first thing you need to do is not to find another person as partner. Instead, find a way to use the root energy of Muladhara to create something that is deeply embedded in the spiritual world. The root must stay in the spiritual world with your plans, intentions and actions showing up for the material world. Once you deeply place yourself in your life, a leader who is compatible with you as a partner would appear. Otherwise, if you try to find a person before placing yourself well, people who try to dim the light of Moola person would appear. Don't sweet talk. Won't work, as that is not who you are. Instead, be authentic or be your Swaroopa. People who respect and value you will come along, once you accept your own value, mind, perspective, worth and ideas. It is not the outer people who are finding faults. It is the inner person or Self who criticizes oneself that appear as criticisms of outer people. Remember, our inner reality shines outside. So, realize, take charge of your inner reality of boss/ entrepreneur energy and see how you can mold it to bring something out to the world. Whatever you bring out above helping you, it should and must help others as well. Because Moola can also become arrogant and selfish. Serving others would bring humility to our efforts, while we still remain as entrepreneur/ boss. Aggressive people/ aggression is the lower energy of Moola. A service mentality with a spiritual attitude would remove the aggressive people. Also, Moola has Ravana energy as its lower aspect. Use your sharp attitude to cut out such people. Moola is never a soft, fluffy nakshatra, so don't try to become one. Instead, read both Moola posts several times. Realize the energy. Moola has lots of self-denial, self-negation and self-sabotage (Nritti or Alakshmi energy). It is not that prosperity is not there. It is actually denial of prosperity. "I don't want to be prosperous". Kali is the Goddess who gives material as well as spiritual wealth, abundantly. So, then how can Moola be poor and alakshmi? It is actually-denial! "I won't have it or need it." Pray to Ganesha, Kali, Saraswathi or Hanuman, use your intuition and take charge of your life to bring out something worthwhile for yourself, others and for the world. Above this, you need help, order a reading at my store. Personal chart readings are definitely at my store and with a price. That is how it is. Best and again, Congratulations! Swaroopa🌺

    1. Honestly and firstly, thank-you for the fulfilling words swaroopa. In conclusion, you are saying love is not impossible but it won't be easy to establish right.! 😂Well, what can i do? I hope i can stabilize myself fastly and gain dominance over my confilcting and fickle nature which is annoying .what you said is so true, the overwhelming energy and the need for dominance left me in tiring situations since childhood despite me wanting a harmony. Apart from all these i feel i can grow faster with a person who can guide me spiritually. Though i can't understand what you meant by muladhara ,i believe you are a god sent to calm me down. Hope you can break it down to my lay- brain , and become the person to initiate my spiritual roots.

  48. Hi Anonymous, Mooladhara means, moola - root and adhara - foundation. Root of your foundation! The first chakra or energy center that roots our foundation, the realm of Kethu as well as Moola nakshatra as well as Ganesha. So, pray to Ganesha, follow your intuition and take up plans, intentions and actions to root your foundation of life using the Moola energy of your mind -Moon. You have been given a specific Moon or mind to use towards your life. Explore, what is your intuition saying and how can you grow the roots of your foundation of your life. The mind is your deepest friend, if you make it a friend. It is also your deepest enemy, if you get into self-negation or self-sabotage, Moola lower energy. Ravana never had to kidnap Seetha, another man's wife. He did and self-sabotaged himself. So, start taking actions to make your roots strong/ thriving and delete plans/ actions/ intentions that self-negate you. Intuition and your inner joy is the guiding rod. Follow it. We are not given an intuition within the mind for display, but to use. For Moola, the root is in the spiritual and ancestral world, within. Not outside. Outside guidance from people who have no clue about this would bring you down. So, follow your intuition, trust it and start walking. First intuition is not fully developed. So, pitfalls can and would happen. But as you keep on using it, it would start to become clear and brilliant. Inner joy is your GPS. Also Moola has to be deeply truthful as Hanuman or Ganesha; or all bets are off. All will be well! Above this, if you need more guidance, come to my store and order a reading. Best. Swaroopa🌺


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