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Break for the month of July!

Hello all,   Namaste! All of you, my dear blog readers, know about my website- . I have started my business, Swaroopa store , which can be accessed from Shop tab on my website, for beings who are interested in a personal reading. There is also the Swaroopa   Store link, on my blog's left side. Now to the post. We were discussing the series Word and it's many different essences in a series of blog posts. As all of you know, I have been writing this blog pretty consistently with a two week break in 2017 and one month break in 2020.  As it is a lot of mental, emotional, analytical, thought process, deep contemplation, reflective, ideation and imaginative work, it is imperative that I take a mental and emotional rest once a while. You see I should not have an overloading of the mind, leading to a mental, emotional as well as physical burn out. Rest and rejuvenation is imperative.  So, I have decided to take a one month break in the month of July just to give my mind,

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