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Watch your dreams to catch your purpose!

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a great week where you were able to go one step further to capture your dreams for your life. In the last two weeks, we tried to find the Philosophy as well as the purpose for our life . How about this week let us go a bit further and analyze whether dreams have anything to do with our purpose? Before that let us recapture slightly about the gist we discussed in the post on the 'Philosophical analysis' of life. In that post we discussed how beyond our physical realm, there is the subconscious, spiritual as well as the divine realms. If they don't have much purpose why do we need them? Because the intuition (of course, according to me. Yours can say something else), is suggesting that such higher realms do exist, they also most probably do need some purpose. After some deep analysis, what I have come to realize is that in the Universe, nothing happens just like that. If something happens there is definitely a purpose. Think abo

Life - Do we have a purpose?

Hello all, Namaste! Hope all of you had a fantastic week where you were able to do exactly what you wanted to do to bring more of your true Self into your life. Last week we looked at our life from a philosophical point of view, what it is and what are the realms associated with it. Today let us look at our life from a different perspective. Do we have a purpose in life? Or does every soul come to this plane randomly, take birth, make some sort of purpose, live their lives and go. Is there more to it? Let us analyze.  Think we have been leading an okay life with a good job, enough money, and facilities. But even then we always feel there is something more we can do, that there is something amiss in life. Why do we always feel a bit of a discontent even when we feel we have all that a normal life can give us. If we have everything, we should feel satisfied, isn't it? My take on this is that we come to this earthly realm with a very specific purpose, which many times we don

Life - A philosophical analysis!

Hello All, Namaste! Hope all of you had a good weekend where you were able to have a peaceful time and chill out with family, friends, and relatives. Last few weeks we were dealing with Mythology , why not this week go back to some Philosophy? Before that I want to mention, I just started using the platform Quora , one week back where people ask questions and other people answer. You can search me as Jayasree Padmanabhan (Swaroopa Blog) . Now, why am I mentioning Quora here? Once I started answering questions the single most question I was asked was about Life, such as what is life, what is the purpose of it? How can we know our purpose? So thought, today let us deal with the topic of life. Anyway, all of us are living it. So shouldn't we have more of an idea what it is and how to capture its essence fully? Just a disclaimer before proceeding with the post. As the subject is Philosophy, the article can become pretty deep at times. Hope my dear blog readers will be able to

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