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Namaste! All of us are living in this grand constitution called the Universe. Is it just a static and invariable Universe or is it a living and dynamic one? Many thinkers and great philosophers have burned their mind with this question. About two thousand years ago Plato described it as  'The universe is a single living creature that encompasses all living creatures within it.” Socrates was so enchanted with the Universe, his quote was "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing".

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Even great thinkers and mystics in the East have struggled with this question. According to Wikipedia, the great Indian Philosopher, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan saw the Universe as consisting of reality that leads to diverse worldly experience grounded in and supported by the absolute or Brahman. According to Dr.Radhakrishnan each of us is having diverse experiences and we interpret the reality according to the filters of childhood experiences, conditioning and the environment we grew up in. But if we consider that as the illusion or 'Maya', then there may be an underlying true reality, which we are not able to perceive. So all these leads us to more questions such as, Is the Universe static and dead or is it living and vibrant?

Here we may not be able to deduce it intellectually, but we may be able to come to a conclusion through experiential perspective. In the field of Vedic astrology, there is a big section called 'Nimitta Sastra' or the field of omens or signs. In that field, if a question is put to an astrologer he will put that question to the Universe or in other words, nature and get the answer to his questions interpreting the omens shown to him at the moment the question was put out. So if the Universe is a static one, he may not receive an answer to his question. His question will receive answer only if the Universe is a dynamic and living entity.

So today I am going to elaborate on how I received an answer to the question I put out to the Universe. For an easier narration, I will describe it in the first person.

My educational background is in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology. I started my Biological studies in my early twenties. I have always loved Science and always had an aptitude for it. But from around the time, I started my Science studies, every few months somehow I will sprain my ankles either by stepping on a stone or placing my foot on a hole without my knowledge. I literally will sit on the road due to the sharp and piercing pain. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I have a weak ankle and I just have to tolerate my random accidents and condone to it. We will visit this matter again later.

I continued my education and ended up getting triple Masters, two from India and one from the U.S.A and all in Biotechnology. Even after all these studies, I was finding only positions either term-limited or as a low-level laboratory assistant. I was slowly getting frustrated and irritated. So I thought I needed to improve my skills and ended up taking another certification in 'Regulatory Affairs' related to the Biotechnology industry. Now armed with a new certification under my belt I started searching for a position in Regulatory Affairs with new vigor. During that period I went for many interviews and did all of them well. But the result was always another candidate got selected or they put that particular position on hold. One time the recruiter called me the next day after the interview and informed me that the position was canceled due to financial constraints. Think of the disappoint of having to know the next day of the interview, that the position itself was canceled. I was frustrated, disappointed and irritated by my predicament.

Now I want to mention at this juncture, in my twenties, my dad introduced me to Vedic astrology, which led to my reading of astrology books, that led to an interest in Spirituality, Philosophy, Mythology, and Metaphysics. I had been indulging in this hobby all through my educational years, but it was always an activity I did during my free time. I was always single-minded in my persuasion of a career in Biotechnology. But somehow it was not working out and I didn't have any idea how to make it work. I was literally banging my head on an iron wall and the wall was not budging even an inch.

So now in early 2015, I found myself highly educated but without a job and no way of knowing how to land one. I stopped blindly applying to job opportunities and sending resumes mindlessly. I started thinking deeply what I was doing wrong to get into such a situation. There may be something I am not paying attention to as I was not getting the outcome I expected. I spent the next six months thinking, doing my hobby of philosophical/metaphysical studies in between, reading, contemplating, reading, contemplating and more reading and more contemplating. Then slowly it started dawning on me that I was only paying attention to my Biotechnology Self, while completely ignoring my Spirituality Self. It started as hidden intuition or some implicit omens.

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Now another problem started poking its head. I was trying to quieten my intuition saying to myself, I just have to ignore it. Once I ignore the intuition it is going to go away. You see, my problem was that I had never shown my spiritually interested side to anyone except my very close family and now my 'Swaroopa' or the authentic-Self wanted to come out. I always projected my persona as the Scientist/Biotechnologist and all of a sudden how can I show the world my mixed side of Science cum Spirituality? Remember the story of Arjuna in the middle of a full-blown mid-life crisis? Here I was in the same exact position and trying my level best to quieten my inner voice as well as my intuition. I tried this for the next several months, ignoring my inner urgings and paid no attention to it.

But the inner voice kept on insisting, "You have to bring your spiritual side into your career, you have to bring your spiritual side into your career,". I wanted to make sure I was listening to my intuition and not listening to some random thought in my head. So to make myself  absolutely sure that I am being guided to my true path, I put a question out to nature or the Universe, "If you want me to listen to you and take account of my spiritual side, show me a definite Nimitta or sign in another ten days, by which I have no more doubts". I put out the question to the Universe as a pointed thought and left it.

A few days later I was taking my son to his piano lessons along with my daughter. It was raining slightly when we got out of our home. We started in our car and by the time we reached the piano teacher's house there was sunshine mixed with rain. While getting out of the car I was telling my kids we may see a rainbow as there was Sun as well as rain. Once I got out of the car and looked up to see whether there was a rainbow in the sky; lo and behold! waiting for me in the sky was the most magnificent rainbow that too not a single but a double rainbow.In four decades of my life, I haven't seen such a magnificent one, as clear as crystal, very bright and low in the sky as if I can touch it. It was as if the Universe was giving me the answer in a very bold fashion. I only had my iPhone and captured the same on my phone. For the next few hours, I was smitten by the beauty of the double rainbow I had experienced. Later I searched the meaning for double rainbows. According to Feng-Shui, double rainbows symbolize transformations and a 'sure sign to trust your vibes'.

The double rainbow I witnessed

Now again do you think I listened? This was late October of 2016. I thought let me wait till the New year of 2017. Again I started sending out some resumes. But the result was same as before. The New year of 2017 dawned and I was whiling away my time. I also started having many dreams and always when I contemplated on them I was brought back to the point that I have to integrate both my Science and Spirituality. So finally after much contemplation and soul searching I decided to start this blog with my family's encouragement. That is how on April 14, 2017, I ended up publishing my very first post. In this blog, I can write about Biotechnology, Science, Spirituality, Philosophy and what not? My perfect medium! Remember the leg sprain I always used to have? From the later half of 2016 onwards, I never had another leg sprain till to date. Once I started at least giving my attention to my spiritual side, the sprain problem vanished.

So what can we infer from this? Many times our body, as well as nature or the Universe, sends us symbols and signs to guide us to our true path. But we either don't listen or try to ignore it. When we land in our true path we will be able to use our whole gamut of talents, which we have acquired in this life as well as that we are born with. Another interesting thing I realized is that in the case of Biotechnology I always had teachers in the physical form, but in the case of Spirituality I always had Gurus or teachers of the bygone era who came in the form of books. I finally decided to use the knowledge I have been given by both my physical teachers as well as my invisible teachers towards this blog.

The same way each of us is given inner promptings and signs and symbols from nature always. The only thing is that in this modern age we have forgotten how to analyze and interpret it. And the signs always comes in the form of things which have significant meaning to us. For example, I used to love rainbows from my childhood onwards. So the Universe came as a symbol of a rainbow to me. To another person who loves animals, the symbol may come in the form of an animal. But with the Universe, we have to put out the question and wait for the answer to come and it will come at the least expected time.

To conclude, I have no idea how this blog is going to pan out. But I am happy and content that I am able to bring together the dissimilar sides of my personality and integrate them into something concrete. Even to this day, I have not become comfortable with showing my Spiritual side, but one day eventually I may. Same way I suggest that let all of us listen to our inner promptings and walk a beautiful custom path made just for us where we are able to use all of our potential to the fullest scale.

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I wish you a good weekend and I'll see you next Friday! 😉

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Ralph Waldo Emerson writes, "There is a time in every man's education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance ; that imitation is suicide; that he must take himself for better for worse as his portion that though the wide universe is full of good, no kernel of nourishing corn can come to him but through his toil bestowed on that plot of ground which is given to him to till. The power which resides in him is new in nature, and none but he knows what that is which he can do, nor does he know until he has tried". 

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