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Namaste! Hope all of you had a great start to your new year and are actively being a participant in your own life. Last week we discussed the true difference between forming an intention and a plain resolution. We also delved a bit deeper in the conscious as well as the subconscious mind. How both together are the power tool we have in our hands and how, many times we never fully utilize them for our own life. We have the true power in our own hands, only if we had just used it towards our total advantage. As I mentioned in the last post, true power or wisdom, is the Sun in our astrological chart. The wisdom of the Soul, the true power within.
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The brilliant power of knowledge of the Soul (Sun)!
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Now even with both the conscious as well as the subconscious mind, can we falter many times in our life? Of course, that is very much possible. I am the first person to acknowledge that fact. I have lived on both sides of the aisle. Here is where the difference between intellect and wisdom comes into the picture.

What is intellect and what is wisdom? According to the Cambridge Dictionary, 'Intellect' is, "A person's ability to think and understand esp. ideas at a high level." So, now concentrate on the word, think. What is thinking and a thought? According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, A thought is 'the intellectual product or the organized views and principles of a period, place, group, or individual'. We have discussed this before. A thought is a mental projection or form we have from our mind.

Intellect: One more thing to point out, here is, in this blog, most of the thought, intellect, or ideas I am discussing is from the individual's level. The individual as 'You or as I', who uses our mind to think and process the information we are receiving. This blog is not about group mentality, group ideas, or group attitudes. So, these ideas can never be put for group movements, group organizations, or group objectives. This blog and my perspectives are about 'You', the solid, single, individual. There may be perspectives, ideas, and attitudes for groups or societies. But this blog is solidly for the individual-the 'individual person' who is reading this blog.

My thought process always has been, change starts from within. I should change my own life, and You, the individual should change yours, if it is not working for you. A person who is inspired to change from within would stick with that change, because as we discussed in last week's blog, the change happens deep within the subconscious mind, where patterns and behaviors are embedded. Once a conscious mind thinks enough about a concept, it seeps into the subconscious and gets etched there deeply to start the change process. That is the only way a mind can be forced to change from its subconscious patterns and attitudes. Of course, if already those patterns work for you, don't do anything. Continue with your awesome individual life. So, these concepts are always for You or me - the individual.

Now, back to the concepts. What really constitutes the intellect and from where this thought pattern arises? Of course from our mind. The mind is the tool with which we, the being interacts with others and our outside world. This mind though a great asset also has a disadvantage. The being or the consciousness uses the mind to communicate. But the mind, without the push of the consciousness/being can create it's own thought forms as well. To take last week's example where we associated our subconscious mind to the motherboard and the RAM to be the conscious mind, we actually forgot about something. We forgot about the 'You or the I' who uses the RAM as well as the motherboard, the total computer.

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The mind, where the intellect resides!
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We, the individual is the one using it, isn't it? Yes, we the consciousness or the being. So, in a perfect world, the consciousness uses the RAM and the motherboard, or the conscious and subconscious mind towards our intentions or desires. Now, think our computer (mind) is so brilliant, it can even form thoughts, and ideas without any input from You or I., For example, the individual, say 'A' is sitting in front of the computer, with his/her hands tied. But, the computer (mind) using it's RAM and motherboard is putting out fantastic ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. 

Now, should 'A' the individual take actions or not? The thoughts and ideas the mind is putting out are fantastic, out of this world and phenomenal. But the Soul is sitting with its hands tied, looking with a funny look on the face? 'Hey, mind, What are you doing'? Many times this is what we humans are doing. We go after the thought patterns and forms our brilliant mind brings up by itself, while the Soul that was supposed to drive our chariot (Bhagavad Gita), cart or life sits and waits for us the person to realize.

Yes, us the person. Because we are the Soul/person, the RAM, as well as the motherboard. But many times we live just from our RAM and the motherboard, the conscious and the subconscious mind. Until the conscious mind realizes the Soul's true purpose the Soul cannot do anything. Its hands are literally tied. The Soul cannot achieve anything without the conscious mind taking actions. The soul is just the essence. What can it do? It can do nothing, not a thing. The conscious mind after deep thought and analysis has to take and treasure the drop of wisdom that bubbles up as knowledge from the deep recess of the heart or the Soul (both are the same). It is in the heart space or the heart Chakra where the energy of the Soul resides. But only when the person becomes truly aware the Soul can even start its journey towards its purpose.

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The wisdom of knowing that bubbles up after deep analysis and thought process!
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Thoughts, ideas, or the deep desires of the Soul just stay as ideas, as long as the conscious mind or the being doesn't become aware of it. Because whether it is the thought is from the mind or from the deep desires of the Soul, it the physical person who takes actions and put it into practice for a physical plane.

Now, see how the physical body is one of the most important tools for Earthly living? We need both the body as well as the mind. This living from the mind is called the 'intellectual' living. Analyzing anything from the mind's perspective whether it is conscious or subconscious mind, to make sense of it, is the way the 'intellect' works.

We can see many examples of this type of living. We study so many things, analyze, idea churn, and then according to what we find ourselves, we live. Totally from the intellect's point of view. Yes. I have also lived like that. My life also has that example. My area-Biotechnology. At the age of 18-19, I analyzed, thought and came to the conclusion, I am good with Biology and I need to pursue it. So, I chose that path. Everything looked great from my mind or intellect's point of view. I would study well, get a great job, make a great career and live happily ever after for the rest of my life helping my family.

This was the attitude I had at the age of 25-26. Everything went well with the studying part. I used to get top marks and ace the exams. I also used to enjoy it. I had great love for Science, Biology, and Biotechnology. I have to admit, still I do. I can totally make sense of Biological, medical concepts or procedures. I can understand DNA, RNA, Genetics, and Molecular Biology. The gift of my mind, the education for the last twenty years. I also use it to guide my family and friends in case any Biological or medical question arises.

But did it work for my job and career? No. Absolutely not. Now, when I look back I can see only breaks, obstructions, low paying jobs, unending interviews, calls to the recruiters, certifications again and again and more. But this was very much needed to show my conscious mind the difference between 'Who I thought I am' and who truly 'I am'. As I have already discussed, the series, 'Who am I?' I am not going to discuss it further here. So, now to the next concept, what is wisdom?

Wisdom: Before proceeding further, I want to differentiate between true wisdom and false wisdom. Is there something like that? Yes, very much there is. False wisdom is something we think 'we know' after a lot of mental and intellectual analysis. After a lot of analysis and critical thought process, we ourselves come to the conclusion, 'Yes, this makes sense. I know now a lot. I am sure, I have become wise'. But analyze here. Aren't we doing the same thing again? Using just the mind to come to our conscious conclusions and choices? Is there the Soul anywhere in this picture? Have we brought it in to ask for guidance? No. This is 'the false wisdom', another form of working from the 'intellect' to come to our own conclusions using the mind as the central focus.

Now to the true wisdom. The 'Gem' that is given adulation in the Vedic Philosophy and Upanishads (Vedanta texts). What is true wisdom? The true wisdom is what we take actions on after first bringing the Soul or the inner being into the picture. It gives us guidance through inklings and inner knowing. This inner knowing, we bring to the subconscious mind. From there, it arises as thoughts, which the conscious mind captures, thinks on it, rationally analyzes. Then putting the Soul (heart), subconscious mind, conscious mind, thoughts, rationalizations, logic, and analysis into the picture, we the physical being takes the best decisions for our life- 'Pure, true Wisdom'.

Here in this analysis, the grain and chaff, right or wrong, or Dharma (proper duty) or Adharma (not the proper duty) becomes very clear. Then standing in the center we take the very best decisions for ourselves. Here, let us bring in Bhagavad Gita. Krishna, the divine being or more like our 'Soul' becomes the charioteer, who is a small speck of the greater divine, Brahman. Then Arjuna, his own mind becomes our subconscious mind. The thought or the true desires start to come to the subconscious mind as inner voice or inklings. Now, Arjuna, the physical person becomes our conscious mind. Having a dialogue with our own subconscious mind (Arjuna's mind) and our Soul (heart or Krishna), we take the best decision. The chariot in Bhagavad Gita becomes our physical body, the vehicle that acts and take us to our true destiny or life path. The horses of the chariot become the five senses, and the reins become the one pointed focus of our mind. 

Metaphorically, the person even doesn't drive the chariot, but the Soul or Krishna drives the chariot. The person is only given the responsibility to take the actions. The Soul can only take actions through the physical person (Arjuna and the chariot). The driving and the reaching the destination the 'Soul' or Krishna does. This is truly why it is said we have to surrender the results of our actions to the divine as Krishna is the guide. Because in such a scenario, we are not taking the actions, but it is our Soul or Krishna who is taking the actions. So, in such a case how can we take credits for the results that show up? That results also come according to the actions our Soul asked us to take.

Really deep philosophical concept. The true wisdom as the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads purports. So, here the inner faith or trust comes front and center into the picture. Every sacred book asks us to believe. It is not the random belief in some God, deity or Goddess somewhere out there. But in a true esoteric sense, to believe the real guidance and wisdom being provided by our Soul. We have to totally believe that even to take one step further. 

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The brilliant wisdom of the Soul!
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How do I know? I have been doing that and being in dialogue, again and again, to take the next steps, for the last two to three years. My life has shown me the real difference between intellectualization and true guidance as Wisdom. So, to realize that difference all my Biotechnology experiences were needed and very much necessary. Only when you know darkness, you appreciate the light. Only when you go through ignorance, you understand knowledge. Going through the opposite aspect makes one appreciate the true aspect. Divine is a tough Master. He/She doesn't impart the knowledge that easily. One has to work and earn the knowledge, light, or wisdom. Is anyone blocked out of it? No. But one has to put in the work, to get it.  ;-)))

Now, how can we really know whether we are getting the wisdom of our heart or the mere thoughts from our mind? Tough tough question. Not really easy. I also have an extremely tough time to differentiate. We have to. Otherwise, what is the point of a knowledgeable heart and a brilliant mind for each one of us? But how? That is the next post we are going to discuss. How to develop true awareness, to differentiate between mental shenanigans and guidance from the heart?

I wish you a good weekend and I'll see you next Friday!😉

Next week: True awareness!

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Ralph Waldo Emerson writes, "There is a time in every man's education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance ; that imitation is suicide; that he must take himself for better for worse as his portion that though the wide universe is full of good, no kernel of nourishing corn can come to him but through his toil bestowed on that plot of ground which is given to him to till. The power which resides in him is new in nature, and none but he knows what that is which he can do, nor does he know until he has tried".  

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