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In this new year to help people, I am putting a sale on my readings. I have reduced the price of my readings drastically 70-80%. Hope people take advantage of this price reduction. I would write a post about this on my Facebook page, profile, Instagram and other groups soon.

Today I am writing about my Swaroopa store and the intentions behind creating it. Even though I created the company three years ago and the store two years back, I never wrote about it here or discussed my intentions. This post is about that. Let me elaborate on my thoughts and perspectives on my store.

True potential: As all of you know, I started this blog four years ago. This career and creativity came as an afterthought of an epiphany I was given after the disastrous crash of my previous career and a subsequent midlife identity crisis. The one and only thought that bubbled up - "Have you ever considered your spiritual gifts?" Just a one-pointed question and nothing else. I had to figure out everything from scratch, the blog, where to blog, what to blog, how to blog and what topics to discuss. I was terrified and fearful. But in the last four years, a procession of concepts came through my mind and fingertips, I have deeply realized humans as a whole have not even scratched the surface of their true potential.

This true potential for all humans doesn't fully exist in the physical or even the mental realm. So, from a logical mind accessing the physical resources provided, we can never access this total potential. This has to be accessed from the spiritual dimension through our emotions. The blessing or the curse of this concept is, the potential and ideas have to come through the mind. The mind has to become a crystal clear and smooth channel with deepest clarity for thoughts. 

As you all may know, I intuitively feel that a higher Self or a Soul exists and most probably each Soul has spent many lifetimes (again my intuition, cannot prove) before coming into this current one. From those lifetimes most probably, we have carried essences of those experiences into this lifetime. In Vedic- Indian philosophy these essences are called Vasanas- tendencies or patterns we carry from other lifetimes. Above this, we also find ourselves prisoners to patterns, habits and behaviors our ancestors or family carried. So, basically a human above being prisoner to physical or mental patterns, is prisoner to even emotional or spiritual tendencies. This is the Allegory of the Cave, Plato has elaborated according to my perspective. As long as we are not aware of these patterns or tendencies, we are prisoner to them, without self- knowledge or in a dark light-less cave and are not even aware of it. In a cave and not aware of it.

Astrologers, those who deeply understand astrology can understand this spiritual or emotional hang ups. These are hang-ups or knots or thought processes that is keeping the human stuck, stagnant in an essence or energy that is not working for their current life. The current moment leads to the future moment yet to come, which also would not work. That essence could have worked for a previous lifetime or past. But may not be for the present time, day or age. The human is stuck in a stagnant pool of energy or essence. They could only feel, something is not right and life is not flowing. But why or what or how, they would have no idea. Now, the astrologers who don't fully understand these dynamics, use their knowledge of astrology to their advantage, make the individual fearful of Karma, bad energy or the doom and gloom that is going to fall upon the querent's head. 

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The Swaroopa Store
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Personal human reality:
My perspective is a person has their free will for correct thought and to take corresponding intentions and actions to change their life. But to take correct intentions and actions, a free mind and a clear intuition is needed, the channel through which the original ideas and thought process can come. What if the person is hung up on energies, perspectives and behaviors of previous lifetimes or ancestral patterns/ behaviors or tough experiences of the past. These behaviors or patterns may have stopped working long back and is actually a block to their truest potential of ancestral and spiritual inner gifts, how can they access the inner spiritual guidance? The quagmire many humans are finding themselves in. A surface level mental and physical reality and a deeper emotional and spiritual reality. 

As long as the deeper emotional and spiritual reality is not worked out to make it lighter and easier, the true potential and inner gifts are blocked. In other words, the person is just living from a 20-30% of their true potential. The remaining 70-80% is stuck within the emotional and even more in the spiritual dimensions. Let me take my example. I was stuck in a career that gave me a lot of science knowledge and rational thoughts, but never truly worked for me. The surface level physical and mental reality. 

But there was a deeper emotional and spiritual reality of astrology, spirituality, philosophy, metaphysics, mythology and the tons of inner masters and guides whom I never listened to, for around forty-seven years of my life. Astrology was just a random chart analysis for a friend or family member, spirituality was the mantras I used to pray every evening, mythology was the beautiful temple visits I used to enjoy and philosophy was the random book or website I used to read. My deeper reality sitting untouched. When 70-80% of the energy of my ideas and thoughts were stuck in this deeper reality, how can the science and the logical mind work fully to its true potential? It didn't. I was always stuck and stagnant with my career/ creativity and finally everything came crashing down in my late forties. This led to inner work and this very different career. 

Now, let me write the following concept. As all of us know, we live in a three-dimensional physical reality. In this reality everything has a form and occupies a space. We have a physical body, that occupies a space. The car moving through the road occupies a space. This is the reality of the physical world. This world also is ruled by another dimension- time. The physical body has a time of maximum hundred to hundred and ten years. Same way everything has the dimension of time attached to it within this physical body and world. Meetings, collaborations, engagements all have the time criteria. Same way, all physical things like phones, computers, milk, bread, animals, trees all have the essence of time attached to it. Limitedness! The limit kept by our physical body and the time attached to it.

The physical reality I consider as the third dimension. Fourth is the aspect of time. But once a person from the physical body goes back to a Soul state or spirit state after death, there is no limit of time or space. What if, this is the spiritual realm of ascended masters, spirit guides, ancestral fathers/ mothers, Gods and Goddesses. The concepts I write or that comes in Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Quran or Guru Granth Sahib most probably comes from there. According to me, this is the reality from an inner fifth dimension that can bring limitless potential to each human. Of course, my thought process and idea.

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To access these truths each human is fitted with a mind, intuition and a clear inner channel of communication. But this potential is the reality beyond time and space. The hassle is to take these concepts or ideas and make it workable within the three-dimensional physical reality that is governed by time and space. But even to do that first a clear mind, clarity of thoughts and a smooth inner channel for spiritual communication is needed. If as humans we are totally bogged down by our everyday stress, worry and smaller aspects, how can we ever pull ourselves back a lot from our own life and look at greater aspects and concepts. The concept of seeing only the trees, but totally missing the forest.

Seeing the trees as well as the forest: Now, give this a thought. What if a human can live a very physical life of "seeing the trees" but also a very spiritual life of seeing the forest as well? In other words, having a full physical life with utmost potential with the help of a very vibrant inner spiritual life. Mind you, the life is still lived by the person. But instead of randomly seeking the opinions and thoughts of hundred outer persons, seeking the opinion and thoughts of the one single person - You for you and I for me. But these thoughts and ideas are not just from a shallow 20% of a surface level mind but from such a depth, it traverses the third dimension of space, the fourth dimension of time and gets the guidance from the fifth or a higher dimension where the person is provided with a set of guides and teachers. Inner teachers, guides and masters.

These spiritual beings most probably are much mightier and lighter beings compared to the heavy three -dimensional realities we live in. The guidance they give many times we may not capture or understand. In other words, when they are speaking Latin, we are speaking Greek. So, the first point is the person needs to reconcile any unresolved baggage of emotional, mental or spiritual hassles they had in this life or brought from other lifetimes. (As I mentioned before, I intuitively feel, there are other lifetimes.) Because a very clear channel of inner communication is needed. For this inner work, becoming okay and free of heavy emotions, mental or spiritual hang-ups is a must. Otherwise, it is positive the person cannot understand the incoming concepts or ideas.

Once the channel is clear, then, the next hassle is learning the language of the ascended beings. Even if the person is sixty or seventy years old, without learning the language, which many times is extremely specific to the mind of the person that is communicated to, the channel is broken. This language and idea exchange also happens through the bridge, which the human has to create within their mind called Antahkaranah. I have discussed the concept of antahkaranah before in my mind series. There are many steps and many rungs in the spiritual path. 

It is not easy or a walk in the park. Spiritual work is the most difficult work there is, as no other person can do it on our behalf. A robot or an AI cannot be employed to do the work. A computer cannot do it as there is no precedence or how to go about it. None. Each day, each minute and second, the person is opened to new concepts, thoughts and doors. It is a constant evolution. Hence in Hinduism and Buddhism, the process is symbolized as the gentle, continuous opening of the thousand petal lotus, the highest chakra in the physical body- Sahasrara. Towards these intentions of helping people to access their highest potential, I write my blog, has my website connected to the blog and in the last two years opened my store. The same purpose of helping people to achieve their Swaroopa, authentic Self and capturing their highest potential. It beautifully aligns with my own Dharma of using my spiritual gifts and insights to help people.

Swaroopa, mentoring, guidance, astrology, spirituality, guidance, mythology, metaphysics, philosophy, authentic, Self, Soul, mind, spirit, heart, mindfulness
The Swaroopa Blog
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The part played by Swaroopa store:
As mentioned spiritual path is the most difficult path any human would ever walk because to even take the first step into this path, the person has to clear every baggage of mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual hang ups they have accrued in this lifetime or brought from previous lifetimes. Patterns, behaviors, hangups, hassles and every conundrum they ever had has to be looked at, felt deeply, cleared and reconciled. Because without that there is no clear channel for the personal inner spiritual guidance to come about. This itself is a huge load of work to do. Above this one has to learn the language their masters and guides speak.

It is a truth, the potential that the three-dimensional mind brings is much limited compared to the potential that is enshrined for each one of us in the spiritual dimension. If we again take my experience, I was happy just to have a regular, ordinary biotechnology job, which my mind helped me to pursue. A good career, but a very limited one. I would just gradually progress in the rungs of my career, if I am lucky enough to have good bosses. A mirage many times. But in this current career, I cannot perceive any limits except my own energy, battery or bandwidth of my mind, and the time I need to do something. Above that time to engage and interact with other human beings. This of course is part of the physical reality.

As this area of life and life guidance is very tough, many people don't want to take it up or are hesitant to take up. But it is a truth, the potential each one can have is unlimited, if the spiritual channels are helped to be cleared and opened. What if there is a person who can mentor, guide and be a torch while the person is trying to capture their own unlimited potential? Instead of the person walking the tough forest of the spiritual path alone, a hand that has a torch that shines some bright lights so that the person is able to walk without worry or fear about inner demons or dragons. (Carl Jung as well as Joseph Campbell has elaborated on killing the inner demons or dragons.)

This is where I can use my spiritual gifts to help clients, so that they can above capturing their three -dimensional reality of a mind can even capture the reality of the limitless potential of their own spiritual reality.  For this I use a mixture of my intuition, insights and astrological knowledge. I even use Hindu mythology, Vedic philosophy and my own spiritual guidance. I am not a coach, but a spiritual mentor and guide. The client or the person getting my astrological readings would have to walk the path, take charge of their purpose and bring in their will power. The inner work and path are supposed to be walked by the client. But I would use all my spiritual gifts and insights to help them to unravel their own emotional and spiritual hassles, so that they are able to access their own clear channel of inner communication.

Swaroopa, mentoring, guidance, astrology, spirituality, guidance, mythology, metaphysics, philosophy, authentic, Self, Soul, mind, spirit, heart, mindfulness
Swaroopa - Authentic Self that leads to the highest potential
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This work I have done for the last ten to fifteen years for many of my family and friends. Two years back, I was guided to open a business and share it with the public as well. I was very hesitant to write about my business and store here for a pretty long time. This week realized that is an inner mental block I have to overcome. Finally holding the rod of my inner courage, I am writing about my store and the underlying purpose and intention. 

I deeply feel the freedom and joy of walking my own authentic and original path. I would like a lot many people to enjoy the same deep inner freedom, joy and bliss of being an authentic human here, now in this physical life walking their own path. Why wait for that bliss -Ananda in the afterlife or in another life? But here, in this life, as early as possible by working on and reconciling all the inner emotional or spiritual issues. As I write this, Sunlight is pouring into my room through the window. The symbolic sign of the bright and light inner Sun shining brilliantly. My Swaroopa store is an attempt to help a lot of people to capture their own brightest inner Sun to become their own most authentic Self- Swaroopa! Hope people would use this service and my spiritual knowledge/ insights to make their own life and path brighter, lighter and joyful. To embrace your own deepest Swaroopa!🌺

Thank you for reading! Hope all of you are doing great and keeping your loved ones and yourself safe. As previously discussed we are not yet out of the woods regarding the pandemic or the many different variants. We may have to live with the virus as any other diseases like flu, malaria, cholera or the common cold. Eventually hopefully every human would develop immunity against it. Just yesterday read an article that Israeli research has found that Vitamin D deficiency affects how severe the disease is. Like this we may have to find ways to boost our immunity, improve our physical, mental, emotional health and live with the pandemic as another every day happening.

I wish you good and safe weekend, and I'll see you in two weeks! 😉 

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