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In this new year to help people, I am putting a sale on my readings. I have reduced the price of my readings drastically 70-80%. Hope people take advantage of this price reduction. 

Last week, we discussed what are the true intentions behind my Swaroopa Store. The concept called Swaroopa or 'Authentic Self' itself started from an epiphany I was graced to have in late 2016. Before that I was living a life where my mind was saying something and my heart was prodding to do another thing. When we have two entirely different realities existing within us there is always an inner tussle and ensuing inner fights. But the person would have absolutely no clue about this truth. Only the mind becomes a jumbled mess where the person is not able to figure out the head or tail of who they are.

I have lived a reality of knowing only a very small sliver of myself for 45 years. It took me seven to eight years of internal work and self-reflection to figure out this dynamic. When I started my inner journey any time I used to contemplate on the question, "Who am I", a sinking feeling used to embrace me. At that time, I used to feel fearful of this feeling of shifting sands beneath my legs, as if there was no solid foundation. 

Because that was the truth. The identity I had built until then was from my rational mind, the scientist, a person who loves biology. This was the truth and a fact as the time for the deeper reality to emerge was not ripe yet. If we realize, a person becomes aware of their true nature only when the exact time arrives. Before that they would have no awareness and no experience would be provided as well. But there would be a deep feeling that something is missing. This surface reality is known as the illusion or Maya in Vedic Philosophy.

Maya or the Cave:
Greek philosopher Plato has described this as the Allegory of the Cave where humans are chained to a wall their whole life. From here they are watching moving images projected onto the wall by the shadow of a fire behind them and give these images life. In this scenario, the humans have no clue they are within the cave or chained. This is the exact concept I perceive as Maya in Vedic philosophy. The everyday human is living a life within a cave of their physical existence chained to smaller perspectives and watching the everyday happenings on walls of their minds. The greater truth of their reality is outside this mental cave within the heart.

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The Swaroopa Website
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The sinking feeling, I had was the truth as there was only a foundation of surface level sand in this reality. It was imperative to go fully within that quick sand (of course metaphorical) and get immersed until we hit the true reality of our heart - the solid foundation of our inner truth to build upon. It is almost impossible to understand our own deeper truth without mindfulness and inner contemplation. When our own mind as logic and rationality puts a thick veil on our awareness how can we know our deeper truths?

I was always under the impression there was a very separate reality than what we are living. That is a wrong perception. I had to uproot this notion. The true reality is not different from what we live. It is just deeper. From the logic or rational mind, we live only 20% of what we are meant to live. The remaining 75-80% is kept within our heart and emotions. According to my perspective, a person living from the mind is only able to access 20% of what they are meant to experience. The remaining 80% is locked within their feelings and emotions. 

In the late 18th and early 19th century logic and rational thought process were given much importance, the 20-25% rational mind saw amazing growth as science, rationality and facts. Yes, this logic is very important. Because without the logic, the mushy realm of emotions cannot be made sense of. But when we embrace logic alone, we are also losing 75-80% of our essence tied up within our heart and emotions. Now, we would be able to understand the march of humans to the psychologists and mental health providers. When humans are functioning from 20% of their mental capacity, it is a given that the person becomes mentally tired and confused very fast.

Vedic philosophy: Therefore, in the ancient Indian philosophy the mind and its total capacity was given much importance. The mind and mindset build as well as breaks lives. Mind is the bridge between the inner spiritual realm and the outer material realm. If we have noticed, why are some people able to use their minds to terrific extents like Nikola Tesla or Abraham Lincoln and others can't even figure themselves out or their lives? Mind you, Tesla or Lincoln didn't come from rich families, they didn't have the support of wealthy parents or uncles. I have read when Tesla alighted the ship in New York harbor he had four cents in his pocket and few of his poems. Same way Lincoln had to do hard labor throughout his childhood and youth.

Swaroopa, mentoring, guidance, astrology, spirituality, guidance, mythology, metaphysics, philosophy, authentic, Self, Soul, mind, spirit, heart, mindfulness
The illusion or Maya
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How were they able to achieve what many of us only can dream of? This is because they found a way to use their minds to a much higher potential. But then we could ask, if they can use their minds so well, maybe we can as well. But if we are keeping eighty percent of our emotions locked up within our hearts and using only twenty percent of the logic, how can we ever get to that greater potential? This is the cave of the material reality we as humans are living. 

Once a while in a moment of quietude or reverie we feel there is something much greater that we are missing. This leads to that innate longing every human is doing. A search for that unending happiness or joy all through our life. If we can perceive it, everyone is doing this search for some long-lost moment of joy. But the mistake is we are searching outside for that kept deep within. This cave and its reality are our logical mind and the outer reality. The Sun outside the inner cave is deep within in our heart. The concept of the inner cave outside and the Sun within. The concept needs to be looked from an inside out perspective.

But if the mind is littered with unwanted thoughts, ideas and emotions, the human never figures out the inner cave as well as the inner Sun. For this task, the mind, the logic as well as a clear thought process is needed. Unfortunately, after some unsuccessful search people take comfort in material things that ranges from alcohol, drugs to shopping and foods. Anything that keeps our mind addicted and takes away its sharpness is a block to finding the deeper inner potential.

A sharp mind is needed to unravel this greater potential that is stored in the spiritual dimension above and beyond space and time. First to access this realm we need a clear mind and thoughts. Above that to take an idea, capture, process and bring it into the reality of the three-dimensional material world ruled by space and time; the mind and thoughts must be ever clearer. For such deep inner work a large amount of time, energy, effort and mind is needed. In this rush for making something out of our lives who has the time to rest, contemplate and relax?

Swaroopa, mentoring, guidance, astrology, spirituality, guidance, mythology, metaphysics, philosophy, authentic, Self, Soul, mind, spirit, heart, mindfulness
Plato's Allegory of the Cave
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Many of these great men and women found themselves in their lives with a lot of quiet time in their hands. At that time, they allowed their minds to wander to the possibilities that may be there for their grasp. The question arises, if they were able to capture such a huge potential for themselves, why can't we who are also fitted with a mind and thought process?

The reality of a custom-built mind: As humans we find ourselves getting educated in schools, universities and group settings. From around four years onwards we are finding ourselves within groups of humans. For a society to function well such groups and educational methods are needed. Within each school or college, we can give individual attention, but with 7B+ humans and a lot of young people in this world, individual education impossible.

But the truth is each mind and thought process is custom built for that person. An artistic person would have a creative mind and a logical person, a rational mind. But every book, concept or idea in this world is written by another mind. If we keep on reading ideas, books and concepts of other minds/ leaders, which mind is there to read ours. See the paradox each human is living? We as a human race are busy reading other minds whether as spiritual books like Bhagavad Gita, Bible or Quran or other self-help books.

For myself, I did the same thing. From 2001 to 2015, I was on a self-help book reading trip. I read so many self-improvement books, all the concepts started to become a mush in my head. Which idea to follow, which concept to embrace and what action to take? There are a billion ideas and concepts out there. But every single one of them is an idea or thought that came out of another mind. Suddenly one day it dawned on me. If I am meant to always embrace ideas or thoughts from other people, why have I been given my own mind and thought process? A very valid question, correct?

Swaroopa, mentoring, guidance, astrology, spirituality, guidance, mythology, metaphysics, philosophy, authentic, Self, Soul, mind, spirit, heart, mindfulness
Isha Upanishad, Verses 1-3
Image credits - Ms Sarah Welch, via Wikimedia Commons

This was the thought that started my inner search and thought process. If we are meant to absorb ideas and perspectives from all other outer leaders and teachers, why are we given our own minds and intellects? It is enough for a few leaders to have their brains and minds in that case. All of us could follow those leaders and just keep our minds/ brains locked away in safe deposit boxes.

Instead, the truth is every person is born with a custom-built mind that would work perfectly for their life. That mind may not work for another life, but it is going to work for them as they were born with it. Now, there are some Souls who find themselves with a challenged or broken mind. Unfortunately for them they have other struggles or experiences to go through. This blog post is for that ordinary human being who is trying to make a good life on this Earth plane. If the person is not meant to use their mind, why were they fitted with such a mind. This is a very apt question to ask.

The Swaroopa Website: When such a thought arose in my mind, I was brought to the realization a lot of people in this world are living lives not capturing their full potential. Many have no idea who they are and what their mind like. My question to myself in late 2016 was why have not anyone thought about it? Why are people living their lives reading books written around 1500 or 2000 years ago? Yes, many of the concepts are beautiful and very worthy. But how can books or concepts written a thousand years ago work for this very modern, digital age. Why are young people always trying to look up to another outer leader instead of deeply trusting and following their minds and ideas?

Isn't there something wrong here. Aren't we keeping our minds and brains locked up within and using another's thoughts and ideas? Who is going to write about this? Suddenly it came to my mind- "Yes, these thoughts are given to you because you are meant to write about it". That is how I took up my pen to write a blog. But the blog is one side of the puzzle. Not everyone is ready to sit, read a blog and self-analyze. Some people may be interested in getting a personal Vedic horoscope analysis. So, I need to open a store and Swaroopa Store was born.

Swaroopa, mentoring, guidance, astrology, spirituality, guidance, mythology, metaphysics, philosophy, authentic, Self, Soul, mind, spirit, heart, mindfulness
A peaceful mind of innate joy
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There should be a place where people can access both. That is how I started The Swaroopa Website. The website I can later use to expand more when I get other avenues to highlight my perspectives. The underlying intentions are to share my spiritual gifts and talents to help other humans, one at a time. We as humanity are sitting with treasure chests of inner wisdom, knowledge and spiritual guidance that we must turn within and access. But majority of humans don't think about using their own minds to do something for themselves. Only a very small percentage of spiritual people, entrepreneurs or innovators try to search this realm to bring out some new perspectives and ideas. What about a whole lot of others? 

Is humanity as a whole deemed to be turned outside and wile away their time when in truth they were always meant to use their mind and thought process. Is it enough to sit and read outer books that were written thousands of years ago? What about the inner book sitting within each one of us? If we don't realize this truth today in 2022, then when? Isn't it high time to access our own in-built capabilities, minds and brains, so that our lives work for us? Within the society, community and family shouldn't we live exactly as ourselves? Authentic? Swaroopa website is a very tiny attempt to make people aware of these deep truths sitting within each human. An extremely tiny attempt at that - My Swaroopa website! 😊🙏

Thank you for reading! Hope all of you are doing great and keeping your loved ones and yourself safe. As previously discussed we are not yet out of the woods regarding the pandemic or the many different variants. We may have to live with the virus as any other diseases like flu, malaria, cholera or the common cold. Eventually hopefully every human would develop immunity against it. We may have to find ways to boost our immunity, improve our physical, mental, emotional health and live with the pandemic as another every day happening.

I wish you good and safe weekend, and I'll see you in two weeks! 😉 

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