Happy Vishu!!

Namaste ! Wishing all a very Happy Vishu, the Malayalam New Year and a Tamil New Year as well! May this New Year bring every one, every kind of happiness, joy and prosperity! Tadasthu! So, it is!


Happy Vishu -2022!
Happy Vishu
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From now onwards, I planning to write every now and then, when inspiration strikes, so that I can concentrate more on my store, business, and  spiritual mentoring/ astrological services. No, I am not stopping the blog. But the next leg in my journey of business and entrepreneurship is demanding my attention.

As all of you may have guessed by now, I do have some spiritual gifts that I want to share with clients and customers. Order a reading and see how I can help to transform or transmute your thoughts and mental aspirations to newer and more wider panoramic perspectives. You and I will together figure out newer paths, perspectives and idea forms.

Once more, wishing all a Very Happy Vishu - Best, Swaroopa🌺

Next post: Lunar mansions - Effect on the mind!
Image Credits -
Image Credits -  Pixabay.com


  1. How should I contact you? Your email id, please.

  2. As previously suggested, the best way to contact me is through the blog/ FB page/ Instagram page comments. I do try to respond if the comment captures my interest. Best. Swaroopa🌺


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